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Originally Posted by Frosty View Post
Just agreeing with the two posters above about the length marking. I recently replaced some outboard throttle and shift cables, and indeed, the length was printed on them near the end (on the cable sheath as it would be on an electrical wire). Mine were Morse cables and the number was total inches (so for example 19' would be marked as 228). Maybe that's just Morse.

For replacements I went with the Seastar (Teleflex) Xtreme. They are the type that you can supposedly tie in knots and they still operate smoothly. I don't even have a particularly convoluted run but there was not a huge difference in price so for the effort I decided to go with the better product. If you have some convolutedness they'd seem advantageous.

(U-flex also makes comparable "extreme" cables, but they were less commonly available so I decided to go with the Seastar.)
I second the Teleflex Extreme cables as being the best. The difference in price between standard red cable to Xtreme is minimal.

I replaced the red jacket cables with Xtreme cables and the ease at which the levers can be moved with Xtreme cables is a major improvement. They've been in operation for 10 years and still smooth.

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I had a similar problem with the starboard cable when NOT using the synchronizer. It was fine with the synchronizer. What I discovered was a sticky/gooey feel to the shaft that goes into and out of the synchronizer in the engine room. I cleaned the shafts with an alcohol and some "elbow grease." It isn't perfect but I wasn't interested in disassembling the synchronizer as it solved 75% of the stiffness.

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Stiff throttles.

Originally Posted by Streff View Post
Our new to us Californian was doing fine during the surveys and for a short trip after. But one item from the mechanical survey indicated that one engine (3208) achieved its spec max RPMs of 2800, the other engine only reached 2400. He recommended adjusting the throttle cables. Sounds simple enough.

The CAT dealer was the only outfit still working during the current state and I had them do full oil changeS on everything. But also check the throttle cables and adjust. All went well and the tech came to the helm a couple of times to check things out. Normally I would be with him in the ER but with distancing and such I kept my distance.

A few days later.. we started the engines to make our way home. The starboard helm lever was pretty stiff and only advanced to 1400rpm. We needed to go so we got going.. 2 days of cruising later we got home and now both levers are stiff and don’t move beyond 60% throttle travel. I was able to go up to 13kts which was plenty fast for this trip.

Once home, I lubricated the port lever and it’s smoother but still won’t go beyond 60%.

The starboard lever is stiff still and again won’t go beyond 60%. The starboard lever goes through the synchronizer..

I should have level all well alone but here we are.. any ideas or suggestions would be much appreciated.


I had the same issue. It’s probably the tech and he screwed up the linkage under your throttle housing. Get the name of a reputable mech in your area that people know and have him adjust the linkages properly and then properly remount the housing. It’s a pretty easy fix and won’t be expensive.

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