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Originally Posted by swampgatr View Post
Thank you, Would panels you can store and then deploy when needed work or is permanent mount better?
Store and deploy would be great but the devil is in the details.
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Storing to me sounds like an issue. There is never enough storage on a boat. I would want to have them permanently mounted.

SPOT page
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Originally Posted by swampgatr View Post
Thankyou all for the replies, the more info the better.
Are flexible panels really that much less efficient? I would think the mounting options would be much greater with the flexible panels.

The power per square foot on semi-flexible is probably almost half of what a solid panel is. The supposed good semi flexible panels will cost $6/watt. A solid panel is $1/watt.
Dave Frye
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Permanent mount is best so they cram the last 20% into the batts. But supplementing the fixed panels with extra stored panels when at anchor etc is a good idea idea if space is limited. You can buy panels in hinged pairs which fold up compactly briefcase style. You need a plug system, and a method of temporarily fixing them in place.
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I have looked at solar several times. I have a 1600ah battery bank and would like to put 4-6 340 watt panels on the roof. I have the real estate. Every time I work out a plan with panels, MPPT controllers, cabling, mounts, etc, the project is not too difficult. Then I try to figure out realistic usage - when we are docked at a marina, we are on shore power. On days we are traveling the two alternators can put 150-200 amps back into batteries each hour. The only days that solar would make sense are when we are on the anchor for days and the genset works day or night, sun or rain so the solar just seems like another complication on a boat where I try to simplify systems.

I wanted to install the most efficient panels I could find. I wanted to install SunPower panels but the dealers are not allowed to sell them retail. One dealer I found how had a way to sell SunPower, had them marked up 100%.
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we love solar, on you previous Ocean Alexander we had 2500 Watt

On the Terranova we have for now 3300watt (10 panels 330Watt 21%) 1500A in 24V and we going to extend to 6000watt but the reason is we living onboard all year long but not at dock, so no shor-power

We not living at air con but for now with 3300Watt of solar we doing generator only for washing-machine and dryer all reste including water-maker dish-washer big fridge working well buy sun.

soon we extend to 6000Watt I hope to run washing-machine, dryer and may be part of air con (but need to change compressor by new technology inverter-compressor)

we really happy with solar and can imagine to live whiteout

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Great feedback everyone, thank you
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I have three panels permanently installed on keeping the charge over 50%

11.97 10% 62 A
12.04 20% 124A
12.12 30% 184A
12.19 40% 246A
12.27 50% 308A
12.31 55% 339A
12.35 60% 370A
12.42 70% 368A
12.50 80% 492A
12.57 90% 554A
12.65 100% 620A

TOTAL BATTERY BANK HOUSE*: 620A ( 2 x SRM27 deep cycle 12 VDC + 4x GC-2 6VDC)

TOTAL BATTERY BANK CRANK*: 450A RC or 1750 CA (8D 12 VDC Battery)

3 PANELS@ 85W(max) or 28A (max) (3 X 28 A = 84 A/hour max)

Actual charging performance*: TIME 0800 0900 1100 1200 1300 1400 1700 1800
while anchoring...
Winds for North 07.46 11.28 15.30 18.39 13.26 12.74 7.17
Winds for South 07.99 03.51 10.11
Winds for East 14.07 12.51 13.97 11.42
Winds for West 07.83 15.97
J. R. Normand Vallée, Master
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Reasons for not having done it yet:
-Mounting space
-wiring headaches

I have two friends, two 26' Tollys, who have a small permanently mounted array [2] of panels atop the radar arch.
They also carry two much larger panels that get mounted to the bow rails on fishing mount holders so the panels can be aimed at the sun. Good at the dock but no so usefull at anchor. Yet they are still happy with what they have. It works for them.

My wife and I are talking about getting one panel as a helper to extend the battery life at no power locations. It will be portable like my friends untill I decide upon a more permanent setup.
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I know on trawlers and some larger boats you can mount on the Bimini top or the hard top over the cabin or raised bridge and some mount on the davits. What ideas are there to mount on smaller boats?
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What ideas are there to mount on smaller boats?

Swivel up from stowed position when anchored.
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I have 8 90 watt panels and a wind turbine 400 watts @ 30 knots pushing 10 GC batteries for 1175 amps, usable 500 amps max. Controlled by Outback. 3 Engles @ 2.5 amps each @ 12v I figger they run 40-60% of the time.

If we want hot water or AC then the generator gets fired up. So far, no complaints but I really do not know anything exact. Just mounted, but not wired a Xnantrex Link Pro. Then I will be able to put my good eye on it. I would love to get rid of the turbine and lower my air draft, this meter will show how much it is worth to me.

Overall attitude on solar, VERY positive. So much so that I think the country should start covering roofs everywhere. I have seen by the pallet prices for panels @ $.65 a watt. 1 new power plant sure will pay for a lot of solar.
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