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Smile Salt Water Issues

Needing to decision if to go forward with repair/renovation? It is a 1994 24’ Grady White Explorer with a 5.7 liter I/O on it. The engine and stern drive was replaced in 2014 ($28,000). I am confident the engine and stern drive has less than 50 hours on it. I know the former owner. He kept it in immaculate condition prior to the storm. It was damaged in the September storm while in a covered lift. It got partially submerged (salt water) at the port side stern. The bow rail and wind shield (to be replaced, no cost for part) were damaged.

Appearances indicate a battery, power tilt/trim system and battery switch got submerged. The bottom/rear of the engine also appears to have signs of being wet (rust). All occurred in 9/19 (Dorian). No remedial work was done until 30 days ago when I purchased it. Since then I have done some cleaning/flushing in the deck under area (stern, port side). The boat itself has a token amount of repair work needed.

My concern is the mechanical areas that got wet, especially the bottom, rear of the engine, power trim/tilt system and battery switch? What can I do to eliminate/minimize future corrosion/rusting especially the back/bottom of engine given it has sat for almost a year? Should the electrical as to the trim/tilt switch be replaced? I am replacing the battery switch.

I am having my friend and trusted auto mechanic inspect the mechanical. Plans are to get it cranked and running. No electrical is working. I suspect due to the battery switch issue. I have no reason not to believe that all the mechanical is functional?

Any thought on the issues are appreciated?

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Find a boat with an outboard. Sterndrives in my personal experience are nothing but trouble. IMHO.

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Do you already own this boat or are you soliciting opinions as to whether to purchase? In either case:

- You don't know if the engine will run OK.
- Electrics in stern area are iffy.
- Trim controls bad.
- Is the engine TBI or carburetor?
- How much is boat worth if all were OK?

Lots of questions and few answers it would seem. Not to mention insurance should have kicked in for previous owner.
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Electrical parts and connections that were in salt water and not immediately flushed with fresh water are usually no good. If the engine rust issue is all on the outside of the engine then it's an issue of cleaning and painting. If you have salt water inside the engine then it probably needs an overhaul. Same with the outdrive.
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I don't think you can do what you're asking in a reliable way. Gradys are nice boats. All cables, wires, all electrical components replaced, no question. Internal rust of transmission and engine due to salt water, after sitting a year. No guess. Too bad you didn't ask us before buying it. A lot easier to answer.
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You may have to have the engine and outdrive rebuilt and probably replace any wiring and electrical parts that were wet with salt water. Check every electrical connection. Hopefully they are adhesive lined heat shrink type and maybe saved the wire, maybe not... Good luck.
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Steel oil pan and saltwater means trouble.
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Unless you already own the boat or can get it for free or nearly free I think I would pass on it.

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He bought it 30 days ago, after it sat for a year untouched.

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