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Riding the cylinder head...funnies.

Hi Guys:
You have all heard in my posts that I am out in the middle of no where..hard core NO where.
Bobconnie in particular claims he has been and worked in these conditions for years, now I do not doubt the man in the least, but today was a classic and I just happened to have my camera when I had to stop by my local "machine shop" where I am rebuilding a spare engine for my boat...the venerable blue beast that can be seen in the photos, this is a copy of the one in my boat with over 32,000 hours on it.
Now Bobconnie, was it really like this where you were ? and how many years ago was that, this video was shot today in 2015..... This is NORMAL, the stuff I see going on here daily would blow your mind. Needless to say, you can now well imagine my desperation was real when I was appealing for help on these forums !
Here are some photos of the shop as well...
Library Slideshow by Larry_Bernier | Photobucket

Video may still be uploading for another hour...It is worth the wait if especially if you are neurotic about your engines !

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I always liked things hospital clean when tearing down engines, transmissions, hydraulic systems, anything where dirt is the enemy. On one job I replaced 1 cylinder liner, piston, rod and rolled in all new main bearings on a caterpillar 633 scraper in the middle of a sandstone cut. I tried my best using ether and compressed air to clean all the pieces but with the wind blowing the sand dust around it was a losing battle I'am sure. It fired up and ran fine and I never heard of any bad oil samples the rest of the time it was on my job. Most everyone gives their Diesel engines in boats better care than what a lot of excavating equipment gets and I've seen them run for many thousands of hours.

Ron on Northern Lights II
I don't like making plans for the day because the word "premeditated" gets thrown around in the courtroom.
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City: Vietnam
Country: Vietnam
Join Date: Aug 2014
Posts: 20
Hey Ron....
You gotta do what you gotta do, but these guys have a choice about working filthy...Now this system works. It really does, but FFS buy more then 2 tools, the big and small hammer. My boat does not run for 2 months and I am out of business bankrupt. It is beyond comprehsion here that I would want to have a spare engine standing by when the one in the boat breaks. If I had to source an engine and get it put in here, with new shafts and prop it would take at least 3 months. These guys think I am crazy...and the feeling is mutual !
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