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Bought a 15 hp electric start Honda last year and it planes my Walker Bay "Supertender" with three people just fine. It also has a pullcord start that electric Yamahas dont have. I wish I had bought the 20 (identical motor) for getting on the step with 4 because you are never at wot after it is planing but 5 more hp would get it planing faster. Never regretted the 15 except with a load and the damn feds make you register a boat over 10 hp.

The 15 will also putt around all day without fouling and that's really good for exploring.

Don't believe everything that you think.
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I have a 4 stroke Honda 8hp with electric start and power tilt. It came with my trawler when I bought it last year.

The engine starts really well, even after having sit for months at a time. It runs smoothly and quietly. It uses a small AGM battery that gets strapped into the dink under the seat (Walker Bay Genesis Deluxe RIB).

Three reasons I don't use it anymore and am going to sell it (when I get around to it).
1) It will not plane my dink. My dinghy is not lightweight and neither am I.
2) It is God awful heavy for only 8hp.
3) I don't really like having to keep gas on board.

Using the Torqeedo now but if I ever go back to a internal combustion motor for the dinghy I will likely seriously look at a 15hp Lehr.


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TF Site Team
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Lena loves our 2 stroke Tahatsu. It starts on one or two pulls and she can raise it up when she goes to the beach by herself. Having her able to run the OB is important. She does the afternoon beach walks with the pup and it frees me up to do what I want. We've had it four years and other than routine maintance as per the manual we haven't touched it. We do run only ethanol free gas.
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What are these Lehr's Are they a Chinese Yamaha copy ?
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As far as starting ease goes, I think you just have to try one. I had a Honda 5hp 4 stroke that even I had trouble pulling, no way my wife could do it. I got a new Tohatsu 9.8 and it is much much easier to pull start - and my wife can pull it easily. I also got the electric start version which I think is 8 lbs heavier and a small garden tractor sized battery and a battery box for it so we can just use the electric start if we choose. Going on 2 years it has been a dream to run and continues to start on the first or second pull (or almost instantly with the electric start)

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Our Boston Whaler 11 would go like blazes with the 25 Mercury 2 stroke we used to have on it. Scary fast. But, it was so heavy. Switched it out for a 2.5 2 stroke Merc and a 9.9 2stroke Nissan. The Nissan will plane it with one on board, the 2.5 never. But, both are so much lighter and easier to handle.
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Originally Posted by gaston View Post
What are these Lehr's Are they a Chinese Yamaha copy ?
No, Lehr is a propane fueled outboard.
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Originally Posted by gaston View Post
What are these Lehr's Are they a Chinese Yamaha copy ?
Actually a lot of the parts are interchangeable with Yamaha but B&B is correct, they run on propane.

I was Lehr dealer until I retired. I have a 2.5 and a 15.
Parks Masterson
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I don't have a Plan B. Yet. There is always something emerging that you hadn't thought of, isn't there?

Last year on part of the Great Barrier Reef, on the Outer Reef, I anchored with not another boat for about 20 miles. By coincidence it was at slack tide. Conditions wer perfect but I thought I'll have lunch, wait for a bit and then go for a swim. Well, by the time I was ready to swim I heard a strange noise. Turns out it was the current turning the props while I was at anchor. Running at several knots. Good thing I didn't jump in!

But I had not considered a dingy engine failure as I was exploring the reef! My Honda always starts instantly, but what if it doesn't? So now I'm not sure what I shold be doing - a good plan B is essential, and waiting for help on the Outer Reef might mean waiting a very long time. My Plan C is an EPIRB that I have on the dingy. I'd hate to use it, but would if all else fails.

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