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Lightbulb Oil Change Setup

Begun thinking about changing the oil on my Lehman SP135's so took a look at what is what. Was concerned about getting all of the oil out through the dipstick but here is what I found. After looking at it I remember the PO talking about using this to change the oil rather than the dipstick. I did find a West Marine Oil Change Pump but no hoses or extensions for it.

One pic is where the hose is attached to the sump. It rises up as shown in the second pic. There is a brass...hose cap I guess I will call it sitting in the end. Like a wine bottle stopper, just pulls out. I assume I would hook up the pump to this hose in some fashion? Certainly I don't stick anything down it into the hose? I read that draining through the dipstick doesn't get it all but leave a quart or even two in the sump. Given this drain setup will I get virtually all of the oil out of the engine when draining?

Apologies for the landscape pics. Can't figure out how to make them show portrait.
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Mr. FB. Bonus for having a drain hose on the sump. Your speculation as to the "wine stopper" is close but no ceegar.

The end with the annular rings (the piece minus the end cap is (last picture), termed a hose barb-in this case, a male hose barb) should remain in the rubber hose, at all times and tightened by means of attached hose clamp. It is meant to stay in place. With two wrenches, you can unscrew the cap. One wrench on the hose barb and one on the cap. Remember "Righty-tighty...Lefty-loosey.

Once the cap is off you can attach an oil sucking device. Potentially with a matching female hose barb to another rubber hose to a sucker to a pail...

I use an almost identical set up temporarily connected to a Reverso oil pump. One of these years I want to make a manifold to eliminate fiddling around with oily hoses as you're about to do.

I'm sure you get the idea.
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City: Jupiter, Florida
Vessel Name: Black Eyed Susan
Vessel Model: Grand Banks 42' Classic
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Thanks my friend. Will the hose from the sump to the male hose barb to the female hose barb to the oil sucking device...truly empty my sump? More important to me as I am unsure of my dipsticks accuracy. Really need to get it all out, put in my 14 quarts and remark the dipsticks. If I have 2 already in there and don't know it that won't be good.

And I already knew the righty tighty lefty loosey thing. Not THAT stupid.....which way is right again? I do forget that part...

A totally different subject but on the wine stopper setup....easy enough to fix/tighten... but while doing my flushing routine today I noticed some pretty loose hose clamps on the oil cooler so I went around checking all of the hose clamps. Couldn't believe how many were A LOT looser than I would like. Hopefully its not possible to over tighten them! By hand/screwdriver that is, no drill or ratchet head wrench.
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Looks like what we have on the motor and on the gearbox as well.

Both go to a bracket on the side of the motor with a hand gear pump mounted and a ball valve to select where you are sucking from.

Guessing that it would be used in reverse for refill as well.
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