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But you can't really believe that its more efficient to run your genny with the heaters/air conditioners on and windows open just so the load goes up to 50%...getting a charger that will put the load in the prime range seems to be the best answer. If this was a drive engine, the answer would be to re-prop the boat so the majority of the usage is in the ideal operating range......matching the charger seems to be analagous to matching the prop.
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There also is a big difference between a generator that sometimes gets lightly loaded, and one that is always lightly loaded. As long as you mix it up, I think you will be just fine with light loading
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I tried that route for over a year. The Honda is really only 1600 watts continuous. Anything over 1000 Watts gets pretty loud. Leave the boat with the genny on deck at your peril. Or worse in the cabin. It would not start my freezer box without first turning off Economy Mode. Would not handle even one air conditioner unit. So the Honda is back home and a $12.5K Phasor is back in the ER quietly running as it should. BTW, only 92 dB 12 inches from the unshielded block at full load!
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Load banks are used extensively for shore side industrial diesel generators, and many companies only do it annually to verify the system can handle all of the life safety loads in the event of a power failure. If they don’t have one integral to the system, a truck can bring one in for a day. I have never heard of one for a boat. I am late to the party, but seems the answers previously given make sense. Load it up as best we can, but not sweat it.
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