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Fuel Leak Perkins 135

Had the opportuniuty to take the boat out Friday and run her around for a hour or so in beautiful sunshine.* After we returned, I checked the engine room and saw that the Port engine is still leakding fuel.* I had hoped that it had fixed itseld over the course of the winter, but that is not the case.*
It seems that it is coming from the outboard side, the location of the injectors, pump, etc.* It oozes, as opposed to spraying.* The fuel works it's way down the engine and drips from the drain plug in the oil pan.* Any suggestions to try to locate the source*before I finally break down and get a mechanic?

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RE: Fuel Leak Perkins 135

The new low sulfur diesel is hard on the older seals.* If you are weeping fuel on the out side then the changes are *it might be leaking directly into the oil pan.* I had to have the fuel pump replace last year on the boat the pick up.****
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RE: Fuel Leak Perkins 135

Hi Max,* I think there is little chance of fuel leaking into the engine if it's leaking on the outside of the injection pump.* My Perkins 6.3544 had a leak I couldn't find until I cleaned off the pump completely with something like brake cleaner.* I then dusted all suspected areas with talcum powder, started the engine and watched closely with a bright light for the first sign of fuel.* Once the leak started, it was very clear what the problem was (loose injector pipe nut between the pump and block where I had a hard time tightening the nut after replacing the injectors,).* You can also get a flourscent powder to put in the fuel that shows up under UV light, and it works great.*

Quite likely Phil is correct, the new low sulfur fuel has caused a seal to start leaking.* There was a recent thread about just this problem on another Perkins.* Try the search function..............Arctic Traveller
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RE: Fuel Leak Perkins 135

I am just going down to the engine room to search out this identical problem. I have an HT 6354 and just recently replaced the fuel pump after fixing an oil leak on the adaptor flange. I was getting some fuel leaking and it looks like its coming from one of the inside pump body to high pressure lines. This will mean disconnecting all of the lines and moving the couplings to allow an orderly tightning of the connectors, working from the inside to the outside in sequence.
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RE: Fuel Leak Perkins 135

I just fixed a weeping leak in my 6.354 CAV pump 135 Perkins last month. Look around the input shaft of the accelerator linkage. That's where mine was. I pulled off the pump, took it to a nearby diesel shop, and they fixed it for $125. Basically. the rebuilt the exterior without digging deep into the expensive stuff. Be aware that the nuts that remove the pump are tricky to get to. Have a telescoping magnet ready
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