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Does a rebuilt cummins cost less than $12,000 ?

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And a new transmission, motor mounts, wiring, plumbing, exhaust etc...

What kind of boat is that?
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It would make sense to run the numbers at this point. OP has already done most of the work by removing and disassembling the engine. Now it's time to crate it up and send it to an experienced Lehman rebuild shop such as Bomac for a quote.

I personally would be heavily tilted to an off the shelf rebuild, but the numbers might go either way.
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Originally Posted by psneeld View Post
Does a rebuilt cummins cost less than $12,000 ?
I bought a rebuilt cummins from alabama boater for $5G, its in awesome shape. You can buy a new long block for $5G too which is why I went this way. Its way easier (availability) and a lot cheaper to replace (over a lehmans) if need be.

We have possibly 3 main (reliable) suppliers for lehman parts and rebuild vs. thousands of cummins suppliers.

My 6b bolts right up to my velvet drive, so I dont know why anyone would assume you need a different tranny. Fear of the "unknown" I suppose.

Edit: $5G for a rebuilt cummins is on up there in price, but this one came with everything to do a simple swap out, exhaust manifold, elbow, heat exchanger... etc. You can get a full rebuild kit for under $600. And they still make the engine.
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Originally Posted by what_barnacles View Post
Youll spend less on a brand new cummins than you will for just a simple lehman rebuild. And thats not even considering the costs you are going to run into machining a severely damaged old obsolete engine back to use.

It should be simple to see, give it the watery grave it deserves. Dont forget to take the pistons out so the fish can use it for a condo.
Well you might be right. That seems way overly pesimistic. I'm not so sure though. The quote I got for machining the crank was $350. Of course I could have everything machined, but even then, even with a new piston and new rings, gasket etc I don't see how the cost approaches that of a new engine (except the cummings we have been talking about - however I can't seem to find one). My estimate at this point I'd have about $1500 in parts and machine costs. Of course if I send things off to a "speed shop" that would add to it.

My biggest fear is that I'd rebuild the engine, not do a good job and then end up with something loud and smokey.

I think probably what I will end up doing is getting a another working engine and working on this this one as a project. That way by the time its done I"ll know exactly how much it cost to restore and if I ever want to sell the boat it will come with a spare engine.
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For me the deciding factor would be that one cylinder pic that looks like it has a crack in it. Have you had that magna fluxed yet?

Maybe call these guys.

You could easily put together a full setup with a brand new block and head for less than 8G's. The plain ole 6b (non-turbo) comes in at like 130hp, you dont need a high output. I linked them as they do marine engines and could give you a better understanding of a swap.

The 1500 estimate is just repairing the damage and not doing a full rebuild?
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The Cummins route makes sense if the OP is replacing a Cummins,but he`s not.
Replacing FL with FL avoids all the extra costs of extra changes that go with it.
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Great thread, mplangley, any updates?
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When I hear #6, the first thing that comes to mind is water intrusion through the exhaust.
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Im hoping to post an update soon as the saga continues. I am working some things out. Because the opportunity presented itself I have acquired another FL which i plan on using for the boat hhowever I am still planning on rebuilding this engine and will post the details as soon as possible.

The latest news is that my crank was cracked and which is not what I expected. In sourcing a new crank and other thing I found another engine which I felt like I could'nt pass up however it sidetracked me from restoring this engine.
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Engine knock brought me to this thread and I have to say it was fairly alarming/overwhelming to see what the possible issues might be. But also relieving to see such a great hive-mind group of supportive, experienced and informative people are out there to help.

Are there any updates on this project?
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I haven't read this entire thread and I may be repeating myself but Industrial Engines in New Westminster BC rebuilds Lehmans, sells parts and I believe, short and long blocks. Also, Aiden Butterfield in Vancouver rebuilds Lehmans and blueprints them, he is a commercial rebuilder but he also does Lehmans. He is reasonable and is a friend of a friend. You can look up I.E. but if you want Aiden's coordinates, pm me.
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The magazines Boats & Harbors and Rock and Dirt cater to the commercial users .

Many rebuilders of engines and trannys.

Very different pricing from "yacht yards".

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