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>Some solid test data confirming claims of higher efficiency, using several styles of boats, would go a long way to building trust.<

The problem for boat assemblers is a CPP requires understanding , and knowledge to be efficient.

They are trying to sell self docking boats to novices .

Knowledge is power , but todays boat purchaser prefers automatic to skills.

The CPP has been in use for at least 75 years on fish boats to ships , useful for thousand of hours a year folks ,

20% savings on a 200 hour a year boat for $10K?

Doubtful, as the install requires a thrust bearing , so it would be a difficult option.

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Thanks FF, but my comment was towards the Autoprop which (as I understand it) doesn't require monitoring exhaust temperatures and manual adjustments to the propeller angles, or any modifications to a boats existing engine, transmission, or shaft.

"The most interesting path between two points is not a straight line" MurrayM
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Originally Posted by Singleprop View Post
There is one danish CPP manufacturer which is not mentioned:

Korsor propeller:*


They are located very close to Hundested Propeller and they produce propellers to the smaller yachts, the fishing industry and larger coasters, tugs etc.

Quality is the same as Hundested (might even be better)....

Price is half of Hundested (this IS better).

Btw, I bought one myself...not installed yet.


-- Edited by Singleprop on Thursday 11th of August 2011 05:50:55 AM

just read your comment about the cpp
I am currently planning a repower/reprop for my trawleryacht next winter An I am curious about your experience with this manufacturer
how did everything work out?
tx a lot
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On the subject CPP...

This has been used for commercial fishingboats for decades.
You need a gearbox to get reduction and a clutch to stop the propeller if you get rope/line/net in the prop.
To set the pitch of the prop there are more than 3 systems going :
Most common(system 1) I think is the one with pitch rod, here the prop shaft is hollow and a rod inside is moved f/b to adjust the pitch. The rod is actuated by a internal hydraulic cylinder inside the gearbox, or by an external cylinder(system 2) in front of the gearbox (system called OD, don't know what this abbreciation is).
System 3 has the actuator on the prop axle, moving the outer part to adjust pitch with the internal part connected to the gearbox.
For bigger propeller the pitch actuation system can be in the propeller hub, with activation by pressurized oil, but this I think is for propellers over 2m diametre as the hub get quite big.

As for prices, these are for engine about 100kw : CPP prop, axle and stern gear about NOK125000, CPP gearbox about NOK140000-200000.
Prop with fixed adjustable pitch(dive to adjust pitch:-), axle and stern gear is about NOK110000, gearbox with reduction, forward/reverse, trolling valve : depending on brand and torque, in sum this system is cheaper and might be easier to get parts for depending on where you are.

Well known "local" manufacturers of CPP system : Kumera/HVP gearbox and Helseth props
West Mekan Produksjon AS - Controllable pitch propellers Westmekan props
Nogva gear - Nogva Motorfabrikk AS Nogva gearbox

Benefits with CPP? Not only correct pitch for actual load, but also the ability to have higher revs to get more pump speed(water, hydraulics) and still maintain the choosen speed. Most trolling valves have a rpm limit of 1000-1200 revs, exceeding this might burn the clutches. With CPP you can move the boat 1mm forward/astern, I have never seen any other system able to do that...

Response time in my boat, from full pitch ahead to full pitch astern is about 2 seconds, and this can be done with full power.

If considering to buy CPP, please note there are differences between props regarding how far the pitch rod have to move to get full pitch, very important when choosing gearbox/OD.

Hope this was of some interest/useful information, please reply if You know of other gearboxes suitable for CPP.
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Mr. k. Welcome aboard.
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"An I am curious about your experience with this manufacturer
how did everything work out?"

Looked after a 55ft heavy wooden motor sailor North Sea style , set up like a fish boat.

There was a reduction gear but no clutch or reverse , that was done by CPP pitch.

The only concept that was unique was the idle speed had to be set a bit higher before shut down ., and the prop set for no thrust.

The reason was that when warm the engine would idle nice and slow (Volvo MD 6 ), but on a cold start increased RPM was required till all the cylinders warmed up.

As overrunning the mooring was not desired , it only took seconds to remember to set up for the cold start before engine shutdown.

Otherwise the engine/prop/vessel performed very well.

Face docks and moorings were preferred as backing down a narrow channel to back into a narrow slip would have been difficult with this hull regardless of power choices.
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Sabb makes reduction gears too

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