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Ample Power Charger

Does anybody have any information regarding small power generators such as: Ample Power?

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RE: Ample Power Charger

Capuchin wrote:
Does anybody have any information regarding small power generators such as: Ample Power?


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RE: Ample Power Charger

We have a home-built DC genset. It's a 24V 150amp large-frame bus alternator, belt-driven by a 3 cyl Kubota (600cc) marinised diesel. The regulator is an Amplepower SAR V3.

Maximum power is 12hp at 3200 rpm but we run the unit at about 1500rpm to keep the noise down. I have set the current limit to around 65 amps (it's not a precise adjustment on the regulator)*to keep*the engine from stalling amid shrieking of belts etc. Of course, I could increase the current if I cranked up the revs - more power.

The engine and alternator were purchased second-hand and the whole unit cost around $4,000 to build. It is a very efficient way to charge batteries and if we need AC, a 2000W invertor does the job. *
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RE: Ample Power Charger

why would one go to a DC Genset?

Big batt set with good charge acceptance and a desire to cut the noise and stink time by 2/3.

With a big house DC setup 4KW is easy if AC is need in big numbers to run a pair of air cond.

Not the cheapest way to go , but QUIET , and efficient is never cheapest.
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RE: Ample Power Charger

DavidM wrote:
Set it up with a large battery bank, 600 amphours or greater, to keep charging current (150 amps?) at less than 25% of battery capacity except for AGMs that can be higher. Then run your DC house loads and inverter for occaisional AC use until your batteries are down to 50%. Then start the generator and run it until you are back to 85-90%. Solar panels are nice to top up that last 10-15% or run your DC generator for several hours each week to top the batteries up to prevent sulfation.
*84.8% charge:

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RE: Ample Power Charger


I just came across your posting regarding available DC gensets. Two years ago I pulled the old 10KW*genny from my trawler and in its place installed four 8D batteries. Northstar has an Outback 2kw inverter/charger to service my boat's*AC loads.

When I went shopping for a marine*DC genset, everything I looked at cost*as much or more than brand*name AC gensets (More than I want to spend for*equipment that will only use*occasionally.)*Last summer I used*a Honda 2000*inverter/generator as my charging source, but my boat's*charger required over 12A to run and caused the little*Honda to run*full bore just*to keep up with the demand! (NOT "Super Quiet"*and a gas hog!) This season I will try something new: I found a portable 12V DC Honda powered charger made by ALTEN --*they make them in 55, 80, 120*Amp chargers and sell for around $1300 (originally made for in Australia for the "off grid" crowd). I expect this engine driven*charger will produce the amps I require*at lower rpms than the Honda inverter genertor.*This make it a quieter machine and hopefully,*shorten the*overall charge time...but that would be a plus. You can check them out at


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