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Safe-er-grip- for man overboard situations

Greetings to the Forum,

Have come up with another offering in the line of man over board proactive suggestions. This one is light on the pocket book and thought of as a really good investment
The article is called a 'Safe-er-Grip" :

I took one from my wife's shower down to the boat and secured it to the surface of the stern near the swim step ladder. The thought being that coming out of the water, even with the steps, one needs a hand hold to heave up on. While the instructions indicate it should not be used for full weight I weight 175# and attached to the back wall of the cockpit high enough up to allow me to place my full weight on the grip and lift off the deck successfully.
Placing this unit on the stern area near the edge of the swim step even without a ladder would allow a person to get a grip to initially gain control of the situation.

Happy safe boating to all

Regards, Al-Ketchikan

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Interesting, but I think I'd rather have a fixed hand-hold of some type. Consider how often in life you've encountered suction type devices that eventually come loose due to many possible reasons: Dirt, uneven surface, temperature changes, vibration, a combination of all the foregoing.

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We have a 1 inch rope permanently tied to the back rails.
When the tender is in the water the rope/clip from the davits is attached to the eye of the rope holding it up for easy grab.
Gives us something "solid" to grab when we come back in the tender and anyone else that wants to come aboard.
Grab the black rope, pull yourself in, it ain't going nowhere.
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Hey Al - Thanks for the suggestion.

I agree with posts above... in that... suction strength may [will??] eventually decrease. Product instructions on the link mention that any surface used must be wet... i.e."Item will NOT work on dry walls".

We too have a solidly fastened 1" line for transom boarding assistance from water. It's knotted every 12 inches for really firm hand-grip capability.

Also, I often use a 3" suction cup 'window glass lifter" all around both sides of our Tolly while sitting in water on a boogie board with fins on. This is done for cleaning boat sides with a extension handle wand and hand held kitchen scrub sponges for the dirty boot strap waterline. The easily adjusted position [to anywhere on the hull] large suction cup is used to hold on with one hand while I float alongside boat and work cleaning apparatus with the other hand.

Interestingly... The "cleaning wand scrubber-end" I use is an adjustable length handle spider-web/dust broom. It's light weight yet good for wanding water onto boat side; scrubs well too. Dirt falls off the spider-web dust broom with just a swish in the water. Works great to clean the higher portions of hull; while holding firmly alongside boat by one hand grabbing the suction cup's handles. This type of suction cup glass handling tool is shown at bottom of the link you supplied.



All of what I say - is - because 6 months of the year we have very comfortable temperature water to be in.
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I purchased one of those for the downstairs bathroom when my aging mother-in-law would visit. It has a very tenacious grip on a tile surface, and surprisingly did not lose suction for weeks. I put it back up when I hurt my back recently. It really grips. Weather conducive, I will be polishing the other side of my boat in water this weekend. I'll give it a real world try. I already have a bodymans suction suction cup for the boat, but this has a better handle.
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