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Iridium Go Satellite phone

I am seriously considering to go for the "Iridium Go" to get my "Grib Weather Files" en-route.

Reading a lot about how to get these files as "low cost" as possible i think of using the phone with "SailMail" on the laptop.

The phone now cost about USD 800 and 500 minutes voice or 1000 minutes data cost about USD 720 (card is 12 month valid, remaining minutes can be transfered to the next card)

Any one of you using this setup for data (email), and what are your experiences.

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I'd also be interested in anyone's experience with the iridium go product

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I've worked with one 18 months ago and the software provided by Iridium was poor. Data connection was a laborious process and seemed to be a throw back to dial up modems. The voice side worked fine. Iridium is now launching a new constellation of satellites that is supposed to offer up to 256 kbps versus the existing 9.6 kbps. I don't know if that service will be offered on the Iridium Go or if it will require an upgrade. There are third party vendors that provide GRIB files. I hope their interface is better than the one provided by Iridium and they play well together.

From a plan perspective, the best deal might be the unlimited data and text plan for $129 per month. You can still make calls but are billed by the minute. If you are going to use it to get GRIB files that might be the best option.

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I looked into it about a year ago and a good friend who uses his frequently told me it's great for email and such but don't think you're going to surf the web with it. GRIB files should be fine, as would an occasional low definition picture. Hi def, web graphics or audio/video streaming just is not going to happen was his advice to me.

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I ended up buying the Go! Device and am thus far pretty pleased. I also use PredictWind's app in conjunction with the sat device and that works well.
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grib weather files, iridium go

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