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Got to use a fire extinguisher this morning...

Went up the dock early this AM to use the facilities. Find smoke pouring out of the building. My phone is back on the boat!

Hail down the first pickup coming up 3rd street, ask him to call fire department. Turns out he works for the port, in fact he helped me dispose of old engine oil yesterday in the service shed.

I pinned the doors open to ventilate. Went in to check it out and find a metal waste basket liner in a shower stall, flames starting to come out the top! So, back out, pull the fire extinguisher off the wall, knock down the trash fire before it got into the ceiling and roof.

Fire department shows up, as well as the port manager. It is obviously intentional fire, sheriff gets called. There's a smoldering cigarette butt in the next stall too.

There are likely suspects "squatting" in the neighborhood that keep getting access to the coded security door locks, that's all I'm going to say about that.

Lesson is:
Don't prop gates open at the marina!
Take cell phone to bathroom, 'ya never know when you might need it!
Keep an eye peeled for unusual behaviors around the marina.

I've been there/done that on fires before, but haven't had to pull the pin on a bottle for some time. I'm just one of those guys who usually goes towards fire instead of running away, but I also know when to back off and let the pros handle it.

Never did get to use the facilities!

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Even before coffee, that must have really woke you up! Nice job.

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Fire in shower stall...... hmmm. Turn on shower? Not second guessing. Just wondering.
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Good job!
Bet they do it again.
Irish Lady
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Originally Posted by oscar View Post
Fire in shower stall...... hmmm. Turn on shower? Not second guessing. Just wondering.
I was thinking...gotta pee....pee on it....
but seriously though, I get it
might would have had to reach past the flames to get at the shower valve..
and bladder performance issues for the other solution

Side track to the topic
but somewhat related.... check the dates and gauges on those extinguishers! Not long ago one of mine was indicating low on the gage. Sparked a discussion with my kids and wife...none of which had ever actually fired one. So, I started a fire in our backyard fire pit...rounded up the dead one as well as a couple others I had in house and boat that were still indicating green but were low &/or old...and we had a little practice session. Lesson learned, when the gauge is out of the green, it's not lying...don't expect any use form it.
I ordered replacements...all is good
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City: La Conner, WA
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The alleged perpetrator is well known to the local sheriff.
Security camera video shows the perp in and out on the burn time line.
Door lock code log tracks the video. Sheriff said there's enough there to support arson charge.

Couldn't use shower to douse fire (but good thinking/idea).
Was a big trash can, barrel size, placed on the swing down shower seat.

Gals may have to coed share their side for a while until guy side gets cleaned up!
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We had a fire in the workshop of the Navy marina where I lived on Coronado Island in San Diego. It happened on a weekend afternoon. You might be aware that every Sailor and officer in the US Navy serving aboard ship will go through firefighting school at some point, don't you? I have photos (as senior active duty officer present, I knew enough to stand clear) of all these retired and active duty Navy folk jumping into action and killing that fire before the call to the fire station even ended! It was like a perp walking into a cop bar to rob the place.
Rich Gano
FROLIC (2005 MainShip 30 Pilot II)
Panama City area
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TF Site Team
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And as we get older it takes more time to start going...

Boat Nut:
If you are one there is no explanation necessary.
If you aren’t one, there is no explanation possible.
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