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Storage Advice and Tips

We are storing our 43í American Tug at Lambs Yacht Center in Jacksonville from April 1 to November 1. Ive heard good things about them and we wanted to try in-water storage. Weíve previously stored on the hard at River Forest Yachting Center in Stuart and at Hinckley in Manatee Pocket. Looking for any tips or advice that would help us.

We have a house-size dehumidifier that we run on the galley counter with a hose into the galley sink. That seems to keep the humidity under control. In addition, we have a large fan that sits on the companionway about half-way downstairs.

Iím not planning to run any of my four ac units that have a dehumidifying cycle - just because Iím not sure they are necessary and itís something else that could malfunction.

We open up all of the drawers, lockers, hatches, and refrigerators. I wasnít going to use Damp Rid containers because we might not be visiting the boat and Iím concerned that - once filled - they become useless. I was thinking about a couple of trays of kitty litter but I think theyíd have the same problem.

Weíre taking all of the food and our clothes off the boat. Iíll probably empty the two fiberglass water tanks. I will fuel up and add a stabilizer to the fuel just before we arrive.

What about bedding? Make up the bunks as usual, store the bedding, or remove it? What else am I missing?

Thank you all

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Sealing cloth items like bedding in vacuum packed bags is really helpful to keep them fresh. Those area the ones that you put the items in and then suck the air out with a vacuum cleaner.
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Give everywhere a good liberal spray of bug killer - including spaces between the hull and woodwork and in the ER, lazarette etc.
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We recently had a thread discussing the pros and cons of posting your name and number so other marina users could alert you if any problems are brewing like funny smells or a list on the boat.

I don't mean to re-open that thread but it is something you might want to consider.

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We always put a couple 2x4s under each mattress and the platform it sits on to provide air circulation.... There are other materials that are designed to vent the underside of the mattress but not as cheap.
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Just curious why you decided for wet storage for 7 months rather than on the hard storage?

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Does your insurance company require a hurricane plan, especially if you are an absentee owner?
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First, thanks for all of your replies. We had thought about those vacuum sealed bags and I will pursue it. JLD, we have, as I said, stored on the hard a couple of times (and for years in New England!). We are just trying something different and storing closer to home. Lambs has a good reputation and the location looks god from a storm perspective. I do not have any strong reasons, other than we can visit the boat and get a few things done. Yards where we have stored canít help it but they are dirty, so weíre hoping this is a bit cleaner alternative.

Comodave, we did have to submit a hurricane plan and underwriters upped our premium by about $1k because of the location. I was advised that all carriers are assessing risk based on Zip Code, no matter what the precautions or the setup. They wanted an additional $5k to store on the hard at River Forest in Stuart!!!

I told my agent I couldnít wait to take the boat out for a ride in a named storm. She was not amused!

Thanks again.

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If you are utilizing under-roof storage, you may get spider droppings and other bug droppings on the horizontal surfaces of your boat.

Our experience is that bug droppings - organic stains - can be handled easiest with fresh water and a product called Amazing Roll-Off. Works well even on non-skid surfaces. The longer the stains sit, the more scrubbing is involved. Done daily, it's just spray on, let the AR-O sit for 5 minutes, and spray off.

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A couple of pancake fan heaters (WM stocks them) will keep the air moving and reduce mildew. Open or remove any curtains as mildew will form behind them. I agree with another poster, elevate one side of mattresses a few inches to prevent moisture under the mattress (dont ask me how it gets there but it always does!).
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Harbor Freight has vacuum bags (usually at the register end cap) few employees seem to know it. We keep nearly all clothes, bed clothes, pillows, in bags just to save space. I have a little trouble with moisture under salon seat cushions - I slip two or three kids PFD's under them to let air circulate.
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The dehumidifier and fan are two big items to keep things from going moldy.

Two other products that we would employ in your situation are H2Out Space Dryers and Kanberra Gel. Both don't require any electricity. The Space Dryers do what Damp-Rids do, without a caustic liquid byproduct. And while Kanberra Gel (tea tree oil that evaporates into the air keeping mold and mildew from gaining a foothold) works extremely well, the containers typically last for about 3-4 months. Since you'll be storing the boat for seven months, perhaps someone could place a few new containers in the boat at the halfway point.

We use all these things (including the dehumidifiers and major air movement) as 24/7 liveaboards/workaboards. And we have had zero mold in almost eight years. Yes, we sell them in our store, too. But we only sell things we use and recommend without reservation.
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