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Let me add my welcome, Loop...! I suggest that you consider chartering first. About a week on a boat of a particular make and model will quickly tell you what works and what you need to change. NW Explorations does a great job with Grand Banks, Cooper Boating in Vancouver, BC has been our go-to for several seasons primarily because IMHO, the BC coast offers some of the best cruising in the world. I also strongly recommend the Dreamspeaker cruising guides for the Sound all the way to the northern tip of Vancouver Island. Magnificently illustrated very thorough and kept current by a cruising couple who know.
As an aside, we use the Navionics software that has guided us hundreds of miles without any glitches.
Good luck, keep us informed again, welcome.
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I'll take your 42 and you can buy the 54. We almost bought a 54 nearly 20 years ago "Danniki". It was on the East Coast and we gave serious thought to bringing her around. Then reality intruded... kids. We owned a 48 wide body that we lived aboard for 8 years, then sold her to move ashore for work. Now retired we are looking for a 42 to moor in Friday Harbor. If you are serious about selling we are seriously looking ;-) Peter.
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Originally Posted by Airstream345 View Post
Thanks for reading it. To answer your question: yes and no.

The boat we have is perfect for it's mission. We wanted something that delivered "the list" but also a boat that got us boating earlier (financially speaking) and it's done that well. We love the boat, most of our boating friends admire the boat and we can see owning it longer and taking it further (Alaska).

We are getting "thumper" up to Alaska! Woo!
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Originally Posted by GFC View Post
If you take your time and buy your second boat first you likely will be able to enjoy it for years to come.

I agree with this. We started looking at sedan bridge boats up to 36". We also received additional advice such as "two heads are a must if you ever plan on guests"! We ended up with 46" LOA, 2 staterooms/2 heads and were glad that we chose to go larger and be able to have guests on our "weekender" boat.

As fate has it we loved PNW boating so much we wanted to cruise year round farther and longer on trips so we went up to a 63" pilothouse within a couple of years. This really enabled our year round boating schedule by removing a lot of weather concerns!

So your use cases are critical to understanding how you want to use the boat and then any future plans can help avoid 10 foot-itis!!
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Try chartering!

Another piece of advice in addition to everything above would be try a week-long charter on a boat approximately like the one you are dreaming about. Nothing like a night or two or even a day cruise or two to quickly find you love or detest some feature or two. You can charter out of Bellingham or Anacortes and not even have to cross the Straits of Juan de Fuca. Most charter companies have captains that can even ride you for a day or two while you get your bearings.

When we moved from sail to trawler, we chartered the boat we planned to buy. We ended up buying a much larger one Ė so we learned things too!
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Thanks for all of the advice. Chartering is definitely on our our radar at this point. I found several places in the region with lots of good options. A charter with additional instruction sounds like a really good idea to me!
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