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New user with an important question.

A missionary friend of mine in Belem, Brazil at the mouth of the Amazon needs a boat to travel up and down the Amazon. Great news, they were donated a 1982 Mainship 34 trawler! Bad news, it's in northern Ohio, USA. Question 1, time is no concern, but how long would it take an experienced captain to travel the eastern islands of the Caribbean down to T&T from Miami or Ft. Lauderdale? Question 2, could this boat even make that trip? Any info would be greatly appreciated.
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Welcome aboard. Put it on a freighter and ship it.
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People cross oceans in canoes but I would not recommend going to Belem in a 34 ft MS. It will be a great boat from Belem up the Amazon but as RTF suggest, ship it there. Probably cheaper than paying a crew who would spend an awful lot of time waiting on weather. IMO
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That's quite a trip. They may be better off selling the boat and using the money to buy a local boat.
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People have made saltier voyages in lesser boats, but those tend to be exceptional cases. The MS 34 wasn't built for trip such as you propose. Since it is lying in northern Ohio, presumably on Lake Erie, it is probably not equipped nor has it likely been maintained with an eye to going offshore. Any prudent seaman planning this passage, even in a robust vessel, would invest serious time and money getting it ready. The donor of the vessel probably has his/her heart in the right place, but it sounds like the offer was "here it is, now come and get it."

I second RTF, dimer2, and HopCar. If the mission in Belem is determined to have this thirty-three y.o. Mainship, have someone deliver it to an east coast U.S. port on its own bottom, then deck ship it via slow cargo - probably in incremental legs, like Jacksonville to Puerto Rico, etc. But better yet, sell it and use the proceeds to acquire a local riverboat.
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I agree. Ship it. That's what I did as the Coot isn't capable of trans-Pacific transits.
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Having done the trip from Brazil to the US, with the most part in favorable conditions (another boat) and also having owned a 1981 34" Mainship (I need to buy a lottery ticket).


Take a look at this thread and I don't mean to be a spoil sport.
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Originally Posted by HopCar View Post
That's quite a trip. They may be better off selling the boat and using the money to buy a local boat.
My thoughts exactly!
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"Portuguese" member in this forum is form brazil and may also have good input
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Welcome RGIV

Used motorboats are not allowed to be imported in Brazil. They can come on their own hull for a period of time that I would say cannot exceed 6 months, (I guess)

Of course that there's no rule without exception and I really recommend your friend to touch base with the nearest Brazilian embassy/consulate for accurate information.

Yet, I would say that a boat like the Mainship, it is far from being appropriate for the task. The local wooden boats are much better fit for purpose and with local engines they last forever. The Amazon river is populated with boatyards in their river banks to fix these boats with minimum wages. The Mainship? Will have no experts nor the engines will have spares. By the way, you cannot neither import engine spares

Knowing all this, what would I do? I would sell the Trader for the best offer in USA and I would bring the money to Brazil and would buy a local boat to go up and down the river and into de forest.

This is my 2Cents


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Don't think twice, do as Portuguese recomended. Pretty much every part on the boat will be an "oddball" item down there.
Steve W.
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On this same topic, I am still looking for my dream job operating this fine vessel:Click image for larger version

Name:	tug home.jpg
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ID:	42016

It seems a different land in Manaus. And a different job.

On your wish to proselytize, Good Luck.

Regarding the trip. Mucho Espensivo.

There is a reason someone 'donated' this boat. It is in tough shape. At this stage of it's life it is more suited to being a 'grandkids diving platform' than an ocean voyager. (not that they ever were suitable for ocean voyaging!).

Follow "Portuguese" advice. Sell it for whatever you can get. Use the money to buy something where you are looking to minister.
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May be able to truck it cheaper...explore all options...on it's own bottom all the way there will be long and expensive.
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