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Originally Posted by S41 View Post
When we were in your situation 9 years ago, we took a weekend course at Anacortes Yacht Charters. This was a single screw trawler training course. The course was Friday afternoon, Saturday all day, Sunday until about 3PM. They sent out a book ahead of time to read up on. Then, we spent about 2 hours going over the book (mainly rules of the road type if thing) on Friday afternoon. We spent the night on the boat in the harbor both Friday and Saturday. Saturday morning we spent the morning practicing docking, docking, And them more docking. Then took the boat over to an anchorage in the San Juan islands to practice anchoring. Then, back to the marina for another night aboard. Sunday morning we practiced docking to make sure we had actually remembered the training from the day before. Then, took 6 hours navigating within the San Juan Islands. At lunch, we anchored out to make sure we remembered it. Then, brought the boat back to the fuel dock, fueled up, pumped the head holding tank and then back the boat's slip. This was all done on a Grand Banks 36 with a single engine.

We ended up with a certificate to be able to charter anywhere in the world on a like boat AND it made sure to us that my wife was on board purchasing a boat. We have since chartered in the Caribbean. And are on our second boat since that training.

The weekend in Anacortes getting trained made my wife comfortable in knowing she could handle a boat. She was stressed about it at first. On the way home from that weekend she spend 5 hours looking at boats to purchase on her iPad.

There are many courses like the one I mention here at charter companies all around the world. Find one and give it a try is my advise. You can also do a week or more charter with a training captain with you all the time. These cost more, but not much more than just bare boat chartering over the same time.
Thank you for sharing your experience. I hope to be able to charter this summer and get some much needed experience aboard a larger boat. Our boat we have now is only 18 feet and my wife is ok to drive it for the most part. I have seen many courses that are offered all over the west coast, so we just need to decide what we want to do and go for it.
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Originally Posted by Sealife View Post
Its a moving target, things that scared me years ago, I no longer worry about. Things I took for granted thousands of miles ago, are now priorities. The boat I started with was great for just that, wouldn't want it now. Couldn't imagine starting with the boat I have now though.

It is a journey of learning and experience. So jump right in, no amount of "perspective or opinion" seldom will help. What is tolerable or bad or great or otherwise is a very personal decision.
Thank you for your insight. I clicked on your blog and have started to read it from the beginning. I'm impressed with the amount of work that you did on your boat. I know it probably saved you a ton of money and gave you great knowledge about your boat. Your blog has let me see more of what a realistic view from life out there would be. Let Caroline know that I appreciate the way she writes and look forward to reading more of the blog. My wife has had fun reading the blog as well. Thanks again for your input.
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