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City: houma
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new and looking

figured it was time that i joined this nice place.
for 6 mths ive been looking hard at trawlers,ive been set on the classic 70s-80s trawlers like marine traders,albins,chbs....ect.
my funds are piling up and im definatly gonna buy something before the end of the year.
ive noticed the average price of a 34-40 classic trawler in need of a good bit of tlc is in the 22-30k range
in pretty good condition ill be looking at 35-50k
in excellent condition ill be looking at at 50k plus.
thankfully i live on the coast of the gulf of mexico,broker values are low here.alot cheaper than the west and east coast.
my initial plan was to get a east coast or florida boat,i even browsed the great lakes (online only)

ive found a 36 marine trader for 13k locally,in fair condition needing mandatory window leak repairs with damaged veneer in the aft cabin only.
as soon as funds allow,and the boat is still available ill go for it.
and if that deal fails theres another local 1985 36 MT for 15k in the same condition.
and im considering a 1977 litton 36 that needs full interior restoration for 8k,but it runs n drives fine with 2k hours,single engine.....but needs alot of work on the inside.

yesterday i found a 79 grand banks 42 classic in nice shape with twin engines for 40k,similar grand banks on the east or west coast are 60-100k and up for the same model.but i was really only looking to stay 36 and under.

in any case if i dont buy 1 of those,ill definatly buy something before 2019 is over.figured id take this time to atleast join up and continue reading post here untill im committed and own a trawler.then i can start a thread with photos and repairs.ive been a fix all handyman,crane mechanic for 25 the work doesnt bother me.i also happen to be very good with wood working and model ship building for radio controlled boats.
thanx for this place.
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Welcome aboard. Read this if you haven't already...
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City: houma
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Originally Posted by RT Firefly View Post
Welcome aboard. Read this if you haven't already...
thanx....will definatly read thru it minds set on the mt 36,ill mostly be doing coastal cruising/live aboard,in the future a trip to the Bahamas.
but ill do the loop first before venturing offshore.
all thats way to far in the future to really plan.
i think the mt 36 will suit me just fine.
i do like the albins a lil more than the marine traders,even the hwa line appeals to my liking.
not to big of a GB fan,i like em......but when i looked at that 42 i fell in love with all that room.
but a 34-36 suits me fine with more than i need.and ill be solo most of the time.
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Welcome aboard. Good luck with your search.
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TF Site Team
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Vessel Model: MS 34 HT Trawler
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Welcome aboard TF and goif luckcwith the hunt.
2008 MS 34 HT Trawler
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Welcome aboard. I've learned a lot just reading on this forum.
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City: Solomons, MD
Vessel Name: Branwen
Vessel Model: Hatteras 48 LRC
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Welcome and good luck!
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Welcome, I keep my boat at the marina across the street from the Houma Civic Center.
A friend has his boat a Jefferson 37, for sale, it is in there too. Let me know if you would like his contact information.

The link below my signature line below will take you to my blog where there is information on some of the trips we have made in our boat. Gumbo.
Steve W.
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Greetings and welcome!
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City: houma
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thanx for the welcome guy/gals
as stated im not quite ready to buy.......but wouldnt hurt to have some some more info on the jefferson 37.
exactly what year and model.
the only jefferson 37s im aware of are the sundeck models,im not to attracted to sundecks and galley down models like the one in the link below.
nice boats,but donesnt pull me in.

i could fall for a trawler style like below thou.

im a sucker for a hull with alotta bow flair
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City: houma
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could you guys have a look at this grand banks me understand why is only 40k.other 1977-1980 GB 42s are 100-139k in same visual condition.i just keep thinking this is too good to be true,or theres major problems they arent advertising.
when i first inquired the broker stated the boat was in my area,but more searching shows its on the east coast on this website.
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City: Anacortes
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It should be said that you really do get what you pay for. A fiberglass GB42 for $40k? Ya, that's likely what it's worth. Also likely means that the teak decks are shot and also deck leaks rotted out the ply underneath, the fuel tanks are rusted out and the window frames have leaked and there is rot in the cabin sides. All this may be a deal breaker or not it just depends what you're looking for.
The same can be said for just about any TT. If it's listed for $15k it probably means it needs $50k+ work in order to make it worth $40k when you try and sell it.
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City: houma
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i agree.....gotta have some rot/damage thats not mentioned.
average price for that model in good condition goes for $140k all day.
heres a fine example of a twin engine 42

i just wish brokers would be honest,i dont mind a project if i know its a project.its the hidden stuff,wasted time going see it,wasted survey.....ect.
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City: houma
Join Date: Apr 2019
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I did read this thread which was helpfull about a GBs value expectancy.
Ill just keep browsing and keep quiet untill i find something that feels right.
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In my mind and what I have done is search out a boat that is very cheap but needs a lot of work, but none of the needed repairs are a massive deal breaker and wallet breaker. What I wasn't anticipating on my new old boat was the necessity to re-power. When I look at older boats with dual engines, I am both envious - mine's a single engine - and wary because now I have an idea of what it will take financially to re-engine a boat.

My boat is gas engine and I am re-powering with a new Mercury 6.2 litre duoprop 350 hp. But to install a new engine, you have to take out the old engine, remove the stern drive, re-glass the original hole in the transom to make do for a new hole. And in my case, glass in two exhaust holes which was for exhausting as the new engine exhausts through the leg.

The new engine installed but before that the area that hasn't seen the light of day for fifty years, inspected, cleaned up, any structural damage repaired (wood), repainted, new risers installed then the engine and stern added in. Then the engine and leg has to be thoroughly tested to ensure warranty from Mercury, the installation done by Merc approved guys.

Then I am removing the old steel fuel tanks and replacing them with two 75 gallon the material some type of plastic which I type I don't know. Do the old tanks need to be replaced, probably not, but maybe. With the tanks, you can see the top and side and one end, you can't see the bottom, the other end and the other side. On the visible side there are no issues, on the non-visible side there might be issues.

So on that Grand Banks ask yourself how much it would be to replace one of them or both of them, or rebuild them. Not only include work on the engine but access which on some boats is almost non-existent. So on the Grand bank boat you are interested in, can you see easy engine accessibility so one or both can be removed? Or will they have to cut a hole that might intrude into your salon, doable and repairable but think expense here.

I have and will be paying around $50,000 - $55,000 for my re-powering job which is a cheaper gas engine compared to diesel. So far the old engine and leg have been removed, the new engine arriving any day now.

I will probably be paying 2/3rd's of what a new 29 foot boat would cost, but mine will be equipped for me, for my needs in Coastal BC for extended cruising and extended time on the hook in a sometimes rainy, humid, somewhat cold environment.

The expense of an old boat is substantial and usually folks purchasing an older boat are doing it because they are "cheaper." Cheaper is often expensive in boating dollars.

If I were purchasing an older $40,000 boat, I'd be planning for $100,000 in my head. So at $100,000 that means I either have 1) cash 2) an investment I can readily sell 3) a large line of credit or 4) your father is Bill Gates.

Wisdom in boating is learning that bigger isn't always better, smaller makes for savings, more spontaneous getaways, easier to single handle. For me, the greatest waste of space is the cockpit, not really necessary and better served as a stern birth. You can have a lounge area above the stern birth. One example is the Corvette 34.

But I thought I'd search out an example so I just looked local to me of a boat that fits this description. It is a steel boat so many will warn you of having to always maintain steel, which is true. But notice the layout of the boat, this is brilliant, it uses the full length of the boat for interior living space, thus making it feel larger.

What I don't like about the boat, 1) some of the interior just needs some TLC to make it visually more enjoyable 2) No where to sit at the inside helm which in my area would be used frequently, so for me that autopilot would get a a lot of use. 3) The electronics would need an upgrade. This boat needs a great deal of elbow grease but it will probably reward you with years of wonderful cruising, going lots of places slowly.... lol.

Massive windlass on this boat: [Canadian dollars $65,000 = $49,000 American] It is 32 feet, it will appear larger even in the first picture, again because the entire boat is living space:

I'm guessing you live on the East Coast of the States so there is even larger used boat selections there. But, I wanted to give you an example of a boat using all the available space, giving you a larger boat in a smaller footprint.
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