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Look for a boat - a new adventure

Faster than expected we have just sold our Class A RV, so now we are ready for our next adventure.

I have decided that a sailboat was not my thing and I was told by a bunch of friends with sailboats that the best thing for me would be a trawler because of the living space and the low cost of operation of those slow revving diesel.

This being said I am looking at this the same way that I did for the RV, buy a used one not to expensive that was well maintained.
Thus now I am faced with choices in which I am not really an expert (note that I am very handy and very handy with engines also).

Need to say that we are in Canada (Montreal to be precise)

Ok so here is want I have seen up to now:
Marine Traders 36 sundecks with Ford 135, Perkings 135 and Cummins 210
Albinís 36

I kind of prefer the Marine Trader Sundecks for the outside living space see the ones I have spotted:

1990 Marine Trader 36 Hardtop Sundeck Trawler Power Boat For Sale -
1986 oceania Sundeck Power Boat For Sale -

Now to make my life more difficult I have found that Baylinerís 3270 and 3288 (I know they are smaller) powered by twin Hinoís are apparently a very good option.

Finally the whole point of the boat is to enjoy weekends around (Montreal,Lake Champlain) and after to go further for a long vacation down to NYC, Mass etc..

Please give me a hand, budget wise I would like to keep it under 50,000
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Welcome to the forum, we came from a camping/RV'ing background and have no regrets. We still have our luxury tents and are considering a small pull behind RV as we still enjoy both camping and boating.

Personally I like the Bayliner 32' models but that is just a personal preference. Good luck with your search.


It's easier to fool people than to convince them that they've been fooled - Mark Twain
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We still have our motorhome (but that might change when it's time to put instruments in) and came from sailboats. My first trawler was a CT35 sundeck. Loved that boat! Keep in mind the hassle with dock lines at the stern, it's a 4-5' climb to the deck from the swimstep.
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Most people we see from Montreal have express cruisers, guessed it was based on the short season and the ability to travel further.
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Welcome aboard. Mr. c3. Not too expensive and well maintained are frequently mutually exclusive. There ARE boats out there that DO fit the description but usually people who maintain their vessels well are able to command a higher price and realize that fact.
"Trawlers", or what some consider trawlers also fetch a higher price because they are perceived to be less expensive to run and maintain ie: more "economical". Somewhat true up to a point depending on how many hours you cruise a year. You may find you'll get more "bang" for your $50K with a gasoline powered boat.
There are numerous threads dealing with pros and cons of gas vs diesel and "trawlers" vs other types. Enjoy the chase. Read boat buying 101 on this site (TF).
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Welcome aboard some great options
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Welcome aboard. You will find there a quite a few hands on this sight with a great deal of knowledge & they are willing to share it. Enjoy the hunt. I, do to past injuries in the Army & a mule kick to the face, decided to find something else to do. We still have horses & mules on our ranch. I wanted a sailboat very much! However, saddle pard/admiral insisted if it must be a boat it would be a motor something. So we own one. No chance of being bucked off! We wanted one that wouldn't cost us the farm (so to speak) & get us anywhere we want to go. Buy the right tool for the job. Good hunting!
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