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City: Naples
Vessel Model: looking around that 35 foot size
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Sorry for the cornfusion but i was what was called the pest on the rink - i could get guys to start hockey fights most games.

This is great forum software that is being used (have used it at tearjerkers and Airstream and others) but as a IT guy since 68 (HS) - it should have pulled the state from the profile data like it pulls city; vessel name; vessel model - only one point of entry of info, but

I am floored by all the great replies and time everyone has taken - sincerely thanks
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City: Gig Harbor, WA
Vessel Name: MoonShadow
Vessel Model: Wendon Skylounge 72'
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Originally Posted by Randsfl View Post

but also it reminded us when we took kids to san juan islands and rented a captained boat (for 6 days) out of port angeles - we spent all cruising time on flying bridge - the whole family - only time we where below including the captain was when docking
Looks like you answered your own question there!

If the flybridge is a pleasant place to be (seating, shade etc) it will almost always be the hangout place except in much bigger boats with aft cockpits, hot tubs crew etc

Dont forget shade, especially in your planned South FL location.
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City: Reno, Nevada
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Some boats you can put the hot tub up near the bridge. Just don't put it too close, too tempting and rule 5 will suffer as a result.
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TF Site Team
City: Ex-Brisbane, (Australia), now Bribie Island, Qld
Vessel Name: Now boatless - sold 6/2018
Vessel Model: Had a Clipper (CHB) 34
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Originally Posted by HopCar View Post
He did say Naples Fla in his first sentence.
Yes, Hopcar, but here's the thing most don't appear to appreciate. Once that first Welcome Mat post becomes history, so to speak, and slides off the current post list, it is gone, and that info with it, so if the info is not also in the avatar/profile ID on the left under the posters name, you can no longer see it. That's why I continue to plead for folk to put more detail in their profile. How hard can it be..?
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City: Lynden
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After viewing the Beneteau Antares 11 boat on their website and actually "building" one I am not impressed with the costs. $356k is a lot of money to pay for a boat that in reality would be crowded with more then 2 couples for extended times. Twin 300's will burn lots of fuel at fast cruise speeds and slow cruising will be "work" without an auto pilot installed. Water tank of 53 gallons will last 4 people about 2-3 days. No mention of holding tank size either, figure small? Where is dinghy stored at? $27k for a diesel generator installed, wonder how big the fuel tank is? Probably a misprint but hot water tank is 220 volts, if correct does this mean no hot water on shore power? Definitely get the flybridge as it gives an area that permits "separation" when needed, remote controlled windlass is nice to have too and a bimini top at minimum for fly bridge. Great weekend boat for a couple or two in warm weather areas but would not be my choice to live on for extended periods even with one couple.
"Joint Venture" 1978 midcabin 2800, twin 2017 Vortec roller cam "bullet proof" 383/6.3L full roller 350hp engines
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City: Aventura FL
Vessel Name: Kinja
Vessel Model: American Tug 34 #116 2008
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Looked at pictures.....
one couple= comfortable if they live out a seabag. Where to hide the kids or company.
Basically not enough storage for anything.
Wet head??
No mention of holding tank
Loop boat? Maybe.....
I do like the flip out side.
I suspect the outboards provide charging to house and starting batteries.
The meek will inherit the earth but, the brave will inherit the seas.
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City: Miami Florida
Vessel Name: Possum
Vessel Model: Ellis 28
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Originally Posted by Peter B View Post
Yes, Hopcar, but here's the thing most don't appear to appreciate. Once that first Welcome Mat post becomes history, so to speak, and slides off the current post list, it is gone, and that info with it, so if the info is not also in the avatar/profile ID on the left under the posters name, you can no longer see it. That's why I continue to plead for folk to put more detail in their profile. How hard can it be..?
You make a good point. Maybe the field should be changed from “City” to Location? That would encourage people to supply more information.
Parks Masterson
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TF Site Team
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Another for flybridges...and I shoot photos of bridges as a past time. I have opened dozens in and around the California Delta and the SF Bay and never really had a problem with it...although bridge outages can cause a change of plans/rerouting occasionally.

That Beneteau boat seems set up like a more modern and faster version of my 34 LRC Californian but with gasoline and lots of power/speed in the form of twin 300 OBs. I prefer the thrift, safety and easy pace of my twin 85HP Perkins diesels but I'm never really on a schedule when I'm aboard.

I set up my boat to routinely anchor/gunkhole while solo for 2 weeks at a time away from all docks (1 week with 2 folks aboard). It takes a balance of electrical generation/battery storage, sanitation capacity, fresh water storage capacity and food refrigeration/storage/prep to be able to anchor out and remain self-sufficient for prolonged periods. Tank capacities for fresh water and holding are critical...but unlike RVs, you won't have to worry about storing grey water on most boats. In my area of Northern California, Air Conditioning is not required so I don't miss it and don't require a large genset to power it.

Have you considered buying a used boat with diesel inboard(s) to meet your desires? I purchased mine for less than 1/6 of that boat's starting price which leaves lots of $$ for repairs, routine maintenance and customizing improvements. Many of us have gone through several seemingly "perfect boats" trying to find the 'just right fit". Hopefully you'll enjoy the hunt as much as the perfect vessel when you find her.

Good hunting!!!
My boat is my ark. It's my mobile treehouse and my floating fishing cabin. It's my retreat and my respite. Everyday I thank God I have a boat! -Al FJB

@DeltaBridges - 25 Delta Bridges in 25 Days
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City: Naples Fl
Vessel Name: Phantom
Vessel Model: Cheer Men PT41
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Just left Naples FL after 21 years to cruise fullrime
Slips are hard to come by currently as are good used boats - so good luck with your search.
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A wiser and older FL boater and his wife told me they spend more time at the dermatologist than at the beach. I first saw a proper pilothouse on a Krogen Whaleback and fell in love with the space. A flybridge is awesome in the proper weather and lighting conditions. A pilothouse is comfortable in a wider range of conditions and has far less sun exposure. Our forward slanting windshield reduces glare and has other benefits; some flybridges have these, too. 7 of our 11 pilothouse windows open with screens. Heat and AC are available. Heat we use, AC has not been needed with the breeze underway. We access the pilothouse inside via stairs, not outside via ladder. We have 1 set of controls and instruments.

I loved the Whaleback until the very experienced salesman ran her aground. It was a soft grounding and he motored her off. But it got me thinking; 5’draft is a lot in FL. We ended up with a Mirage GH37: pilothouse and 3’ draft. Very happy. [but almost everyone loves their boat…]

A lot depends on your planned use. We are St Pete, FL based, but presently cruising the loop.
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Master and Commander
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City: Vallejo CA
Vessel Name: Carquinez Coot
Vessel Model: penultimate Seahorse Marine Coot hull #6
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Have no need for a flybridge. Had enough rays hiking at high altitude. Also, it is usually too cold in west-central California. Sitting atop the forward cabin roof or in the cockpit can be sufficient for thick-skinned passengers.
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