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Hello from Stevensville, MD - and a question

Hi Everyone. Newbie here from Stevensville, MD (directly across from Annapolis, MD if that's more familiar to some).

Hoping to move up to a trawler in 2-3 years (when I have more time to enjoy the journey).

Looking to better understand the difference between steel, fiberglass and wooden trawlers - and I'm sure this has been debated (likely hotly) at least once if not multiple times. If anyone has pointers to the threads, or ideally great posts that are more factual and less "religious" - I'd surely appreciate the links!

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Welcome to the forum!

Yes, there has been discussions about it. I would suggest you give an overview about where and what your cruising plans will likely be and whether the interest has to do with saving money, a skill you have ( wood working or welding), or just curiosity. There are advantages and disadvantages to each. Some choose the less common materials (wood and steel) based on where they plan to be or if crossing oceans while looking for a less expensive used passage maker is the goal.

Anyway, where would you like to go?

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Welcome aboard. Depends on how much of your life you want to dedicate to maintaining a wooden boat...
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Originally Posted by Comodave View Post
Welcome aboard. Depends on how much of your life you want to dedicate to maintaining a wooden boat...
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It has come up, but unlike anchors and single vs twin discussions I kind of see general agreement from T.F. members.

Wood has its devotees, lots of people would like wooden boats but they are labor intensive and expensive to maintain and restore.

Metal, both steel and aluminum, are loved by many. Commercial users seem to like steel. Both metals have their camps of pros and cons. I don't think any T.F. member would ever criticize another for having a metal boat, either aluminum or steel.

Cement, nobody wants them.

Fiberglass, that's the ticket.

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Thanks everyone. I'll do some digging / reading. My own thoughts are:

1. I love the looks of wooden boats - no other material seems to have the charm. If I had unlimited resources (and patience) I would buy wood - no question.

2. Similarly I really like the "rugged" look of steel trawlers - likely because most of them either are converted commercial vessels, or are modeled after one. Something cool/fun about having your own mini-ship. Its also my current understanding that (when kept in good shape) they are extremely rugged vessels. What I have no idea of - is what is required to keep them in good shape. As well as what other pros and cons.

3. As for fiberglass - there are some really great boats out there and as I've owned nothing but fiberglass for 30 years I'm pretty familiar with what to expect in terms of maintenance. There's certainly more of these available for sale than any other, and some good buys to be found.
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Stevesnville? On The Island?

Tell Gene I said hello.
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