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My husband an I just purchased a Grand Banks Ď42 Classic 1995. We are excited for this new adventure and are grateful for this forum as we have much to learn and explore! Iíve grown up a sailor but my husbands dream was to have one of these boats so I jumped on board and encouraged. So, here we are!

My big question, at this point, has to do with attaining a Operating Manual, odd that no operation manuals came with the sale. Iíll try a separate post, my first ever forum so... Iíll try!
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Welcome aboard Ms. Hoyt.

Have you joined the GB owners club. Betcha they can help!

Though be aware the vast majority of the "stuff" you have on the boat will be from third parties so you may have to gather a good collection of manuals from different manufacturers!
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ďThough be aware the vast majority of the "stuff" you have on the boat will be from third parties so you may have gather a good collection of manuals from different manufacturers!Ē

Yes, Iíve been doing a lot of searching for manuals this week!

Thank you menzies, I will try GB owners club as well.
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First, use your survey to identify the make, model, and age of all of your equipment.
Record this in an excel database or on paper. Add to each entry the source and item number of any needed expendables, such as filters, impellers, or fluids.
Use the search function here or on ghe Grand Banks Owners forum to see if any manuals have been posted. Download and save those locally or on permanent media.
Get some general reference books like Nigel Calder's Boatowners Mechanical and Electrical handbook and his Marine Diesel Engines. Troubleshooting Marine Diesels by Compton is also useful.
Get Controlling Boat Odors 2d Ed. by our own Peggy Hall. Chapmans Piloting Seamanship and Small Boat Handling in a recent editon is a great reference.
And of course, we need pictures.
Welcome aboard.
Cheoy Lee 40 LRC
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Congrats on the new GB42!

I've been on this forum for less than a year, and continue to be amazed by the frequency with which the "boat owner's manual" question comes up. For older boats, I can understand that complete manuals weren't so easy to produce before the days of word processing software. I can also understand that stuff simply gets lost during the process of ownership transfer. It seems ludicrous, however, that one can spend a small fortune on a production yacht today and frequently get a manual with next to no specific and useful information. My 2010 boat came with a manual loaded with text, drawings and photos. Pretty. The reality, however, is that I almost never refer to it, as it's mostly useless. Instead, I've had to scratch around on the internet, search on component manufacturer sites, pester the manufacturer for more documents, etc. I mean, what other industries can get away with this, considering the sums of money involved?! Shameful!!

So, I fully agree with the others, don't stress about finding your boat's manual. Set about finding manuals and documentation for the individual components. On the plus side...what you find will be more up-to-date than whatever might have been in the original boat owner's manual, if it ever existed. Your smartphone camera will become your best friend for this endeavor, as it makes it easier to capture model and serial numbers from manufacturers' tags in tight spaces.
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Welcome aboard. Most likely you will not be able to find unless some other GB owner has one to copy. Donít sweat it just go online and download ones for whatever equipment that is on the boat. Good luck.
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Welcome. As a GB42 owner of 29 years duration, I can say you have a fine vessel. Mine came with to me with an owner's manual which was useful in a generic way, and surely somebody will be able to help you find one for your year model. The advice Menzies gave is spot on, and if you would like I can provide an example of my own Excel-based maintenance schedule - it's for a 1972 woodie with FL 120 engines and would likely need a lot of work to meet your needs. Send me a PM if you want it. What state are you in and what engines do you have?
Rich Gano
FROLIC (2005 MainShip 30 Pilot II)
Panama City area
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gb42 cl Ď95 op manual?

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