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OTDE: experiment fail

Actually, I found the OTDE somewhat boring after a while. The same people posting the same messages over and over. Not many participants willing to budge on their concrete view of the world.
I won’t miss it.

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Is it really gone or as was stated, renamed and harder to find on TF?

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Mr. s.

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Originally Posted by Baker View Post
It was simply done in the interest of the Trawler Forum brand. If we had kept it, it was getting to the point that it needed to be moderated. And guess what??? More work for us. So the solution is to let it go. Simple as that.
Originally Posted by Scratchnsaw View Post
I moderated on another boat forum and the issue of an off topic section came up. There was seasoned members that were constantly telling us that we needed such a section so that politics would stay in one place and away from boats. Finally the reply was to two of the folks, " If you want to make the rules on a website, then start your own website, make the rules and talk about anything you wish".

Yep, that's the path our owner's forum took.

Lost a few members in the immediate aftermath; too bad, some were very good/very helpful, technically. Otherwise, no other discernible impact.

South River, Chesapeake Bay
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Nasty letter in cursive script on slick paper in disappearing ink, via USPS delivery, is a relatively fool proof, non committal way to communicate displeasures.

In general, by my way of thinking... Saying the wrong things in worldwide web exposure is just plain dumb. And, in recollection, I too have printed a few dums during the last couple decades. But - who hasn't??

So... Good Bye!! OTDE. RIP!

PS: A thought for the mods and TF members/contributors... Maybe just the OTDE "Humor" thread could be continued. There was some fairly dark, pretty funny laughs posted there. No blacker than late night show hosts' such as Colbert; some posts just as funny too.
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Mr. A. "Maybe just the OTDE "Humor" thread..."

Strange, the things ya just don't know about some people...
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A PC policewoman?
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There are however a large number of fun cartoons , that might be politically "edgy", that can be great moments of fun.

Are they now banned too?
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Originally Posted by FF View Post
There are however a large number of fun cartoons , that might be politically "edgy", that can be great moments of fun.

Are they now banned too?
Well FF, you just put your finger on the essence of the problems associated with trying to control free speech. You can ban it altogether, as in this case, and punish the 99.9% to shut up the .1%. Or, you can try to control it by trying to define what is, and is not, acceptable speech. That never works, since it invariably results in creeping opinion suppression. After all, there is always going to be at least one person who is going to be offended by any opinion, no matter how true it may be.

One alternative is to ask those people who have little to nothing to contribute to the topic of boating to find someplace else to work through their issues, like perhaps a psychiatrist's couch.

Or, and this would be my preference solution, put those people who the moderators are offended by on a global ignore list, and make that list available to all members. Then, a member can remove that person from their own personal ignore list If they want to hear for the umpteenth time why some politician or other should be frog marched out of Washington DC. It would be a short list that you only get on after a warning or two. But this would allow these people the chance to speak their mind, even if to an empty room.
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I saw the OTDE page a few times and I had a few topics moved there. However, I am more interested in reading about boating experiences, issues and fixes. I am a politically charged person, but I can post those views on FB or Tweet it. Don't need TF to get my political or other trash out on the airwaves.

Now let's talk about how those in the northern part of the country are complaining how it sucks as freeze up is here, and those in Florida has nice warm weather or those of us in the PNW has the BEST cruising area EVER!!
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TF Site Team
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OK folks this thread has been closed. We have removed the last couple of posts that once again bring up a directly political topic that has NOTHING to do with this thread, rather push an opinion or agenda and will incite those with other views to respond. This is the definition of trolling.

Trolling on this board includes posting controversial and often irrelevant or off-topic messages with the intention of (or anticipated result of) baiting other users into an emotional response or to generally disrupt normal, harmonious on-topic discussion, especially when a pattern of such posting is apparent.
This thread, which served as an announcement was left open to encourage discussion about this action but when threads are hijacked, as this one was discussion is ruined for all. When you see this beginning to happen please hit the report button so we can try to get discussions back on track and play your part by not engaging the trolling.

Thanks for understanding.

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