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An off topic question

I would like to know about powder coating for aluminum interiors, and protecting them from wear and tear. I was searching online to know more and found this, Electrostatic Powder Coating Services | Automatic Coating Toronto.
Here I read about powder coating for industrial purposes. But nothing has been mentioned whether it can be used for home repair and maintenance. So, I would like to know more about aluminum coating as I am planning to get my office interiors done with this. Would it be more durable? Also, are the same powders used for interiors and exteriors? Please help. Thank you so much.

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I can't speak definitively about powder coating except to suggest that some powder coat finishes are more durable than others.
I know that the builder of our new boat uses Diamond Sea Glass doors and windows partially due to their decision to keep the powder coating in house and under their control. I am told that there are far fewer finish issues with this company.
I once contracted a company to strip and re-finish a number of boat parts in powder coat and the results were mixed. Some looked new and lasted for years, others were not as durable. I think that the labor to prepare the item for the finish can exceed the cost of a new part at times.
I have also seen aluminum parts distorted in the oven baking process. This was clearly an error made by the person in charge of the process.

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Doesn't power coating end with a baking process? And if so, how would you bake your interior walls?
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Search the web for powder coating, lots of info.

Post3, yes most powder coating is finished with oven bake at 300-425 f for around 10 min.
Some powder coatings can be cured using methods other than ovens with lower temps....think rail tankers....under ground gas pipes...

Surface prep is also a critical step.

Outside powders are formulated with UV stabilizers.

Many surfaces can be coated with powder, mfd for example.

Powder manufactures, see AkzoNoble, or Axalta

Powder, generally is slightly more expensive than wet paint, however, VERY low on VOC's, easy to clean up, more durable than traditional wet paints (wet paints, in the industrial setting, put tons of VOC's into the atmosphere each year)
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