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EVERY kid should see this.


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Great video! Mike Rowe puts it perfectly into 5 minutes what I have been trying to articulate for a long time as a father of 4.

I've been adamant that trades are valuable. It is sick to see kids get their mind rinsed to believe a desk job is the holy grail, or the general attitude of disrespect toward "blue collar workers" (tradesmen).

My oldest daughter is graduating today. Shared it with her. She has an interest in refrigeration. There is never enough air con guys down here in the keys!

Oldest son (20yo) is moving into his new apartment today. Shared it with him. He has been working his way through college, but has no idea "what he wants to be when he grows up". Neither do I, and I'm doing just fine!

"I looked around to see where everyone else was headed, and then I went the opposite way." <- yup.

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My youngest son is an automotive tech who works at a Mercedes dealership. They're training him to be the Service Manager when the current guy retires in a couple of years.

When he told me years ago he wanted to go to a tech school I didn't try to dissuade him though I questioned his choice.

Now, with 20/20 hindsight, it was a good choice for him. He's passionate about
what he does.
Mike and Tina
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Mr. P. I agree with society, well, North American society at least, looking down on the "trades" or those who get their hands dirty doing a days labor.

When I was growing up, the common mantra was "Go to university and get a good job" but things have changed over the last XX years. It's not uncommon for a plumber or electrician to be making 6 figures ($$) a year. Heck, a good diesel mechanic can easily pull in $200K+, much more than a college educated white collar worker, yet, in spite of that, a "good" job still appears to be white collar.

I applaud those parents who encourage their children to enter the "trades" and also those who encourage their daughters to enter non traditional occupations. HVAC technician is a perfect example.

Part of the problem is the schools still seem to be university oriented. Shop classes are being phased out in various curricula and more emphasis placed on SAT scores and preparation for passing same.

Unfortunately, if little Johnny is not academically inclined, he soon falls by the wayside, is labeled a failure, drops out and is left with few options to better himself. He may have been a mechanic in the making if given the encouragement.
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Great clip RT

When I started work in '63 as a 16 year old, the only way for me to get into my particular creative industry was 'on the floor' and it was up to me to gain experience, learn and grow.

Later, running my own business in the same industry, I was constantly amused that PASSION, loudly and earnestly expressed, was deemed sufficient for employment at all levels by most job applicants.

It's not the kids' fault, it's Television showing them that passion on a shiny studio floor should be enough, and the Education industry telling their parents that a narrow, job specific college degree is the answer to everything.

Older applicants were often outraged that even if they had both, they would still be expected to start at the bottom.

But then I'm told that you can't get away with being under-educated these days as easily as we did.

Jeez, talk about an old fart rant...I'll go now.

P.S. you can see plenty of examples on this forum of poor attitudes to people with trade skills , with predictable results.

OK now I'll go.
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