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Boat building entertainment

I use to think YouTube was all about teenagers posting shaky camera footage of themselves doing pranks. It wasn't until I began to research for my Diesel Duck build that I found a wealth of boat building information.

Not only are there many how-to's there are some really high quality building series that document individuals building large ocean going vessels.

After I began to write about my experiences building I received a lot of encouragement to do a video series on my build. So here we are a little over a year later and 26 episodes in and having a blast. We've connected with builders and boaters from all over the world.

YouTube has also changed how I watch TV. Now a days it's so easy to launch the YouTube app on your smart TV, Roku or Apple TV and watch these high quality video series on the big screen. Even better is to link you Ipad to the TV, put a bunch of videos in the Que and watch hours of nearly commercial free TV.

I miss the days of New Yankee workshop. There are lots of "home shows" on HDTV but not the real nut's and bolts stuff that you can only get now on This old House. Also, it's not that regular TV series are bad, it's just rare to find something that interest me. I'm no prude but there is so much sex, controversial topics and every episode has an agenda.

When I watch TV I just want to relax and forget about the real world. Watching real people doing interesting things on YouTube is a great way to get the content I like.

I can tell by my channel analytics that most of my viewers are over the age of 40, so hopefully older viewers realize that YouTube is not just for kids.

Besides my channel I would encourage anyone interested in boating and boat building to check out the channels below. Just go to YouTube and search the titles below. You'll see builders working in steel, classically designed wood and more modern methods like mine. Check them out:

Sea Dreamer Project
Acorn To Arabella
Salt And Tar
Sampson Boatworks
SV Seeker
Lady Dew

And I'm sure there are a lot more that I'm missing.


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Yeah, I only recently discovered YouTube as a practical (and sometimes entertaining) info source. Thanks for the titles

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I gave up on cable TV a few years ago, and I really haven't missed it yet. I've been able to keep myself plenty entertained with the internet. There's a lot of quality content on Youtube. I've watched almost all of the channels you had listed, but I've only subscribed to a couple. Sampson Boat Co is pretty amazing. That Leo is a real craftsman. I love his channel, and I have an immense amount of respect for what he's doing.

I hadn't seen your channel before, but you just got yourself a new subscriber. Thanks for posting!
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Iím a huge fan and almost daily watcher (my morning coffee routine before anyone else is up). Between these channels and various sailing/cruising channels itís great entertainment and educational content.

Iíd add Boatworld tlToday and Sail Life to your list.
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I've been watching since the start Scott, and watching number 32 now.
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Just caught Acorn to Arabella - remarkable.

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