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Originally Posted by psneeld View Post
A 3 dB gain antenna on a 30 foot mast probably will not transmit/receive farther than a 17.5 or 22 foot 10 dB antenna. At least from my experience they don't.
Extra power overcomes the handicap of a low antennae? How does that relate to line-of-sight range?

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RF transmission in the real world seems to vary greatly from what I read (theory).

Plus, mount a 17.5 foot antenna 10 feet off the water and it darn near is as tall as that whip on a 30 foot mast.

Just my if dB wasn't important...why sell 10db and not just 3 or 8 dB antennas on extensions?

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Hi All. D Bs on radios.

I am new to the forum and although I spent a lot of time working on and around boats in south east Queensland while trying to grow up please consider me as a novice compared to yourself.

An area I do have experience with is two way radios. So please allow me the honor of sharing what I know.

The D B of an ariel is designed to perform a specific role in a set situation.

A low numbered D B ariel is designed to work over a fatter but shorter range.

That is it will send and recieve a signal a short distance forward and back but has a wider footprint than a larger numbered D B ariel. Think an egg shape pointed port and starboard on your boat. This is a very usuable set up for vehicles working in hilly terrain.

A high numbered D B ariel will send and recieve a long way ahead and astern but relativly a short distance either side of your vessal or vehicle. This is particularly useful and was designed for use in flat desert country or if on a boat a longer range ahead and astern.

As already mentioned raising the hight of the ariel above sea level improves the performance of the radio but will not change the way the ariel has been designed to operate within the D B range it is.

Thank You for allowing me to join T. F. I truly enjoy reading your posts and learning all that I did not learn while previously messing around in boats.

I give you my solemn oath that I will not mention " A " word.


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GME and Uniden are ok.
But over the yrs. in sailing clubs.Fishing clubs. Outriggers and off road/caravanning.
You always notice that. with decent arials.
The Icom. and STD Horizon give best.clearest.and mainly longest ledgable signals over water and land.

I have a STD Horizon fixed in main boat with a coupla Icom Hand helds for tinny and going on other peoples boats.

With The Icom also, the H/Held are 5w with correct battery. and only 1 w with the replacable battery packs.

On my yachts I always used Stainless 1 mtr whips on top of mast. Signal went forever with the heaviest Co-ax.
plus the Icom and S/H always gave best clarity (from either end) at extreme ranges.

In the car.a UHF (With stubby 3db for city work and 6/9db for long range) is probably the best,
with preferably a Mobile Sat Phone/Combination mobile and Sat signal reception.
You can buy second hand or rent for individual trips.

HF is a science. Something like being married of having horses,
they end up with it in the bedroom with them or a "radio room" showing their face once a month or so for a feed.

I have a Kenwood Reciever? with a 30ft wire ant at home.and Backstay on yacht.
Had an Operators licence 50/40 yrs ago but long expired.
Just connect mike for emergency's.

They all work but cheaper ones spend more time in wksp and frustrate you trying to decipher words at long ranges.

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