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Is this an offical defection from the 'other' forum?

Hi Peter,* I thought I had better put in an appearance since your comments on the 'other' place.
Boy, how the mighty has fallen. It must rate right up there with the Roman Empire....(well maybe a slight exaggeration).

CN has micron extra and prop speed on the prop and rudder, just installed. I am thinking that Sanctuary Cove is possibly not the greatest place for bottom growth.

They never claim, (to me anyway) that the anti foul will last longer than 12 months. We left the boat in the water for 2 years and it was not getting used as well.

It would not turn out of its berth anymore.............................the rudder was that bad.
I had to get the harbour master to push the bow around to get the silly thing out!

Just owner neglect for sure. I need to go and stand in the corner for awhile, and face the wall.

On the way back from GGCM the boat was like new again, doing 7.8knots at 1400rpm and loving it. It now turns on a dime again. What a great thing it is............

Anyway I have never used prop speed before, and hope this will make a difference.
Peter, I did not see the boat come out of the water however suspect the real problem was the growth on the prop and rudder.

I hope everyone is well.

You know that I am dead set serious that one day I will own a Nordhavn. It will be 2nd hand and this project may be many years off. However when the time comes I may need a crew to get the thing back to Queensland. I hope you guys are up for it. Now there is a very scary thought, all us old trawler buggers steaming across the pacific together. Maybe i will just fly back and see you guys on the other side!

I have the boat on my vision board, it is locked into my goal and to do before I die book. Now it must happen.

But hey, my present boat is a great boat! For two people coastal cruising, what more can you ask for?

The photo is the only one I have handy, strangely enough I don't really take pictures of it. I will over Christmas and change the picture. The two people in the photo are my son Brett and his mate. They had taken their girls down to the boat for the weekend.

Anyway cheers to the CHB gang and a big hello to all you folk who I don't know yet.

Regards, Steve
Comfortably Numb, Clipper 34

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TF Site Team
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RE: Is this an offical defection from the 'other' forum?

Hi and welcome VeeTwin/Steve, good to see you on board mate. I think you'll find plenty of interesting action over here. The moderators frequent the site a lot, John Baker of Skypilot in particular, so there is quick response to any issues. There are boards for everything basically. If you like to get political, or swap non-boating jokes/yarns etc, then hold your nose, take a breath, and jump into the 'Off the Deep End'. John was good enough to start this board you've opened on just for us downunder types because our numbers are building.
To post a picture use the advanced editor, click on the add an image little box, and then click in the URL box, then on browse, and it will take you to your computer's explorer so you can access where you have your pic stored, then clock on open, then either add another, or select 'upload images', wait for the indicator to stop revolving, check they are there, then click 'submit'. I find the best way to get boat pics is on the cameraphone, email or multimedia message them to my laptop, then go from there. The upload allowance is pretty generous, but the latest very high megapixel cameras sometimes are too pixel greedy to be ideal for website upload and need to be cropped. Around 2-4 megapixel off the phone is fine straight up.
Catch you with some pics when we get back from our big boat cruise - going out tomorrow on Pacific Sun for 10 days.

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RE: Is this an offical defection from the 'other' forum?

Welcomer aboard, Steve!!!! Your boat name was in the top 3 when we named our boat!!! One of my favorite songs ever(and favorite bands)!!!
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TF Site Team
City: Ex-Brisbane, (Australia), now Bribie Island, Qld
Vessel Name: Now boatless - sold 6/2018
Vessel Model: Had a Clipper (CHB) 34
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RE: Is this an offical defection from the 'other' forum?

Hey Benn, how's that engine transplant coming along...?

Sorry John, (moderator Baker), if you're watching....sort of freudian slip there combining the fact I know you are a pilot, and your boat name had some reference to flying in it, came out as Skypilot instead of Flyin' Low....still for your next boat.......Skypilot could be good, or have you already done that one....?
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RE: Is this an offical defection from the 'other' forum?

Still over in the West.
have to ring gary gardner tomorrow when we are in Dampier.
I am supposed to pay off and come home on the 21 st.
may be the Gardner will be ready by early Feb.
rain sure has not helped anyone with work over xmas period.

Catch up on here soon.
A belated Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year to all
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