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Temp. Gauge (again)

Awhile back I posted on this issue, but am still no closer to a solution.* The Starboard engine temp. gauge acts normally at first, but after the engine is brought up to temperature under load, the guage keeps going until it is pegged at 220 or so.* I have confirmed on many occasions using a infared heat gun that the engine is actually at 185-190 deg, reading taken around the temp. sending unit.* I have replaced the temperature sending*unit.**I have removed the gauge and sent it to the manufaturer for testing,*which they*say it is fine.* I*have checked the ground on the sending unit*and relocated it to another point.* Any suggestions*on what I may be missing?**BTW, the gauge is a Westach and the folks there have been very helpful.


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RE: Temp. Gauge (again)

Swap gages to eliminate the gauge issue. Swap the sending units. If you have not done this already. With both of those eliminated, it is a wiring issue. You may have to just run new wire for the problem side. Have you checked the grounds on your gauges? If the light socket is a positive only and it uses the gauge case as a ground, try pulling the light to see if it stops. Chuck

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RE: Temp. Gauge (again)

Are you by chance using teflon tape on the sending unit? Most manufacturers recommend NO teflon tape on their senders. Strange symptoms occur sometimes that will drive you nuts. Senders are typically brass and will seal on their own without sealant when screwed in. Also use a box end wrench to tighten, preferably 6 point to avoid the "squeezing" of the sender which normally occurs when using an open end wrench.

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RE: Temp. Gauge (again)

If you are a distance water cruiser the EZ solution is to install SW mechanical gauges mounted on the engine , in addition to the electric stuff. A quick peak will assure you of a happy engine.

For the blue water cruiser simply switching to Murphy mechanical gauges , and installing the alarm setup ,this will allow unknowledgable folks to stand a watch.
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