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Originally Posted by BDofMSP View Post
Having the same engines (and boat brand) I was considering that too (or perhaps the GPL-6CT since I have height available). But I wasn't sure about the impact of using strictly deep cycle batteries for starting purposes. It certainly adds cost vs straight replacement of the Group 31s, but the extra capacity seems worth it. Is there any reason to be concerned about using these as starting batteries? I really don't want to go to the expense of wiring separate dedicated starting and house banks.


I pulsed Lifeline first, before I made that change... and Justin said I should have no worries. Partly because I was talking a bank of at least 4 batts, partly because the combined CCA/MCA rating was well about what the 6CTA's needed.

I'd have gone to the taller versions too... but didn't have the overhead clearance. It was kind of a shoehorn job even with the standard height batts.

And actually, one and a half of those was seriously buried under some structural bits, so watering FLAs would have been a real chore... one reason for going with the AGMs.


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starting batts...for starting batts, i use 2 "group 31" batts with what is called "marine connectors" flat posts with holes in them, in paralell! has worked great for years, starting our 6 cyl VOLVO 70B...clyde

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guess i am still old school, i have 2 8d's and 1 4d battery...i check my water often, and do hydrometer readings too,,,u may have a bad cell which i did since the previous owner did not check the batteries, so now i am on top of them. at my previous marine job, we had many 8d's and would do weekly water checks,,,and hydro reading always, distilled water..will i go to agm...doubtful, i can still pull and remove batteries at 62, but thats me...smooth sailing 48' almin with twin tamd60c and 1 westerbeke 8btd
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Originally Posted by DDW View Post
There are plenty of threads on this, the space and mounting facilities you have may dictate different but: nobody in their right mind puts 8D in to a small trawler anymore. I have 4D and am about to replace them as well. If you can, go with 6V golf cart footprint batteries. These are lighter to move and easier to pack. They are available anywhere for replacement, and are available in 3 heights depending on space and needs - the original 200AH, taller 300AH and L16 sized 400AH. For example in Lifeline AGM the GPL-4CT, -6CT, or -L16T offerings.
2 8Ds can be replaced with 6 L16s and they provide enough energy to start my Cat 3208. The way my boat is set up, I have an 8D to start the port battery and 6L16's to start the Stb and run the house. Odd but it works. Just have to be careful to not to drain the house bank and have cabling to start the stb engine from the port start batt.
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Originally Posted by ranger42c View Post
Yeah, sorry, I didn't mean to sound sarcastic...

And I did sorta miss your focus on house functions, the first time around. Where I'd agree with you anyway. I must have been having some reading comprehension problems.

Mea culpa. Or I can send a beverage, whichever might be better.

Chris, if you are ever out here on the west coast of BC, I would love to share a beverage with you No harm done
Nanaimo, BC
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Comodave's Suggestion

Originally Posted by Comodave View Post
I donít like 8Ds for a couple of reasons. First they are really heavy. Second they donít make a true deep cycle. I would recommend that you make 2 banks. One for starting and one for house bank. Get a good starting battery and then go with true deep cycle battery for house bank like 6 volt Golf Cart batteries. It makes your setup more complicated but it will serve as a good starting system and a good deep cycle system.

Had Trojans on my sailboat. Great house battery. The lights will never go out -maybe get four 6-volts and link them up for 12 volt output and you will have it made. Put in LEDs everywhere you can.

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