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inverter advice for heated windows

Hi All-

I'm need to purchase an inverter - one that turns 24V into 120V. The windows require a total of 1100 watts, so I don't need any more than 1500W, so nothing high capacity. I do want to buy a quality unit cheapo stuff. Anyone here using something like this with good or bad reviews?

Thanks, Eric

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Many OTR trucks today have 24v systems and have good low priced inverters.

Sine wave is not required , so expensive doesn't pay.

The better units are quite reliable .

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I like Aims Power inverters, they have a one year warranty and have been good to work with. Pure sine has become so cheap it hardly makes sense to get one that isn't.

$299 for 1500 watts from 24V, pure sine so you could plug other things into it safely if you chose to do so in the future:
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Mr. t.

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Are you aware that 1,100 watts out of the inverter for the heated window means more than 50 amps of 24V DC into the inverter. What do you have for a house battery bank, and what do you use to charge them?

I assume that this is for underway. 50 amps is a lot to expect from your engine's alternator if that is what you expect to use. If you plan to just use the house batteries to supply the power a pair of 8Ds (and I hate 8Ds) wired in series will only run the heater for a couple hours.

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@DavidM: +1

Charlie Johnson
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