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High water bilge alarms, Part 2

I read the previous topic on bilge alarms and am wondering if an audio alarm really is an effective means to protect your boat. My concern is not while I'm on the boat as an audio alarm cannot go unnoticed, but rather at the dock when you're at home. You are depending on someone contacting you and then what. If you live several hours away or are not home you may get frequent updates on the sinking of your boat, especially if the boat is locked and you've made no arrangements for marina personal to gain entrance to your boat. Also how is a good samaritan*going to contact you? Do you post your phone number on the boat that is easily readable? However of more concern to me is the possibility that no one will contact you, especially if no one is around or you are docked at a remote location.*

A dock mate of mine installed a high water alarm along with security detectors that is in someway connected to a cellular device on the boat that contacts him via his cell phone if any alarm is activated. A low voltage situation will also initiate a call. *A call to the dock master who has his key will presumably initiate an investigation.*

So beyond a simple alarm does anyone have additional protection? I have my phone number displayed on the entrance door, but the marina does not have my keys and no high water alarm.*

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RE: High water bilge alarms, Part 2

So beyond a simple alarm does anyone have additional protection?

The lower bilge pump would be the small one , set up to get almost the last drop no horn , but a cycle ON counter , to keep track..

The pump on the alarm would be a bigger unit , for a real problem not just rain leaks.

The 3rd should be from a different power source 120V?

WE carry a 2 inch Honda with long suction hoses , for our use or to help out.

Shame they don't make a setup with dual sheves and a run dry ability , so we could hang a BIG truck alt for use when the unit is exercised.

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RE: High water bilge alarms, Part 2

Tim, Not sure if this was covered under the other thread. In the past we have used, and seen others use a loud bell mounted on the outside of the boat and activated by the high water alarm. Others on the dock and the marina staff were notified that if the bell went off, the bilge was filling with water. Those same folks had our cell phone number to call immediately. A key was well hidden so someone could call us, we would give them the location of the key, and they could get in to find the problem. A fairly simple solution not dependent on electronic gizmos that can fail. Chuck
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RE: High water bilge alarms, Part 2


That sounds like a good plan. The only issue I have is under your plan you are depending on someone calling you in the event the bell goes off. I'm not sure I have the assurance someone would do that for me. We are new to the marina and can't be sure yet if the staff would go to the trouble of calling me. I guess if the bell or horn were loud enough they would get motivated.

There are a couple of security systems that will call or text you via cell phone in the event you get an intrusion or high water event, but they are expensive ($1000 range) and you have to buy a cell plan for the unit that costs about $10/mo. You can build your own from parts on the internet that will contact you via text or voice that are considerably cheaper but they require a knowledge of these things, knowledge I don't have.*
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