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Genset Timer?

Does anyone know of any way to put your genset on a timer? I ask because there has been some times where I dont want to run it all night long (it is okay that it might) but maybe only run it until say midnight or 1am? Or even a way to set it to run only for say 4 hours. I dont need anything super high tech.

use cases: wanting heat to run into the night but not ALL night. Need to top off charging into night because I forgot to run it earlier in the day. I am having my 2x 4D house batteries die by2/3am at anchor with cause still TBD... and etc these kinds of things.


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A timer and a relay. Depending on the generator, the relay could interrupt the stop solenoid or activate a pull type stop solenoid. The relay may need to be timed where it comes on for a few seconds and then shuts off. Hard to detail without a wiring diagram. A marine electrician should be able to set it up for you.

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Ideally it should isolate the generator output before shutdown. Shutting it down under load isn't ideal.
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"I am having my 2x 4D house batteries die by2/3am at anchor with cause still TBD"

Even deep cycle batts suffer loss of capacity if run down too far.
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Most modern generators have a provision for an automated fire suppression system to shut the system down. This is either a circuit run normally closed or normally open. If not covered in the installation manual, the information is probably available from the manufacturer.

If I were going to do that, I would want the generator lightly loaded when it shuts down. My Onan specifies a one minute cool down after removing a heavy load before shut down.

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The RV industry has solutions for this mostly provided by inverter manufacturers. Although there are a few stand alones that start a genset based on battery voltage and run for a preset time. Suggest you look in that direction.
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Standby generators for houses have a provision after the power comes back on the generator is disconnected via a contactor and then the generator runs for about 3 minutes to cool down and then shuts off. Might contact standby gen makers for the logic.

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All gensets should come with a timer that only lets them run between 10AM and 4PM.

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Our Onan MDKD says 5 minutes no load before shutdown.
I see the problem of manual shutdown when running ac at night, you will be asleep. Awake, I use a kitchen electronic countdown timer when running the genset, and for the shutdown period.

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