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Coast Guard Small Boat Radios

Found this interesting post on Continuous Wave today. Thought some of you fellow electronics geeks would find this as interesting as I did.

Electronic Gear on Newest Coast Guard Small Boat
From the request for proposal from the United States Coast Guard for their new Small Rescue Boat, a 28-footer, we can get some insight into what type and what brand of electronic equipment is being specified and used.
The heart of the navigation electronic systems is the Furuno MDF-12 display and NavNET 3D system. RADAR is provided by a Furuno DRS4D 4kW unit. Vessel heading is provided by a Furuno PG500R heading sensor. Vessel position is taken from a Furuno GP-37 GPS/DGPS receiver, and a GPA-019 differential GPS loop antenna is also specified. A Furuno RD-30 Multi-display provides a second display unit in front of the boat pilot (or coxswain). An infra-red camera (if installed) an be viewed on the chart plotter display.
For SONAR, a Furuno DFF1 network sounder and SS60SLD transducer are specified.
For radios, the primary system equipment specified is not consumer-off-the-shelf (COTS) units.
The Secure VHF Radio System is specified to use a Harris PRC-117F radio. This appears to be a portable radio, but it is apparently adapted to some sort of fixed mount in the boat's cabin. This specialized military radio is capable of secure voice and data transmission using very strong encryption techniques. The PRC-117F is a software-defined radio, giving the system great flexibility. A specialized very wide band antenna is used with this system, the Harris E75-0022-004. This radio system is capable of integration into military radio networks and systems.
The primary VHF Marine Band radio or VHF Tactical Radio System is specified to be Motorola XTL-5000-05 tactical VHF radio system, which is described as a "digital radio" system. It appears to be a popular choice in public safety, law enforcement, and military systems. A Shakespeare HS 2774-1 antenna is specified. This is a rugged and wide-band six-foot antenna, with VSWR below 2:1 from 136 to 174-MHz. This radio is programmed with several VHF Marine Band channels typically used by the Coast Guard in their interaction with the public.
A second Motorola XTL-5000-05 radio system is also specified for a UHF Tactical Radio System. This system is to use a Shakespeare US-3849 antenna, having a 2:1 or less VSWR from 380 to 420-MHz.
Finally, a Secondary VHF or Marine Band VHF-DSC Radio System is specified. This radio is a COTS device, a Standard-Horizon GX5500S transceiver. This radio will use another Shakespeare HS 2774-1 antenna. The VSWR must be below 2:1 from 156 to 163.775-MHz.
For transmission and reception of AIS signals, a specialized L3 Protec-M AIS system is used. This device can encrypt and transmit vessel position, and also receive and decrypt other vessel positions using Coast Guard specific methods. This allows the Coast Guard (and other law enforcement vessels) to see and track each other while not being visible to the general public using the normal AIS methods. (This is often called Blue Force AIS, possibly from the blue color of the law enforcement boat flashing lights or the blue color of uniforms.) The AIS transceiver is to be connected to a MORAD VHF-159 HD antenna.

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