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Cable TV Inlet Location


I need to install a cable TV inlet on the boat and the simplest location will be near the shore power inlet. Will running the tv coaxial cable near the power wiring create any interference with the cable signal? (other obvious concern is doing it safely and being sure that we are disconnected from shore power during the installation).



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No, you may bundle them together without concern. The coaxial cable for the TV is shielded, and modern digital signals are much less likely to suffer interference than the analog signals we used to have. If there were any problems it wouldn't be due to the shore power cable itself but to a faulty transformer on the dock.

If you suspect a transformer problem, a quick way to locate the suspect device is to use a portable AM radio. Tune it to a quiet spot at the low end of the dial and carry it around the dock, holding it close to the power towers and transformers. If you get worsening static as you hold it closer to such a device, there's a problem with that device.

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Sabre602 above is correct. Not too long ago I replaced a direct bury power feeder cable to my remote tool shed. I also buried the TV cable on top separating them with 3-4" of dirt. No problem and I doubt if I needed the separation.

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You can do what you suggest. I did just that. The power won't interfere with the TV signal although I wouldn't suggest bundling them together.
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If you are not familiar, I would suggest reading or You Tubing how to properly cut, prepare and crimp connectors on Coax. It DOES make a difference. The wire mesh shielding and insulation do need to be prepared properly. I would make sure to use RG-6/U or higher cable. RG-6/UQ has quad shielding, for example.
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If I can give one advice it would be to ensure that your inlet is properly setup and watertight. If there is one place you donít want to see any water ingress it is near the shore power connection.


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