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Bulkhead mounted battery switch for macerator suggestions

Hi All,

Just to get it out of the way, we use our boat a lot in the Bahamas, where there are very few pump outs. We always pump out when we are under way, usually offshore unless we have no other choice. We never pump out in anchorages.

My macerator pump is located next to its through hull under the stairs leading into the forward cabin. Its breaker is located on the panel next to the galley. In order to pump out the tank I have to lift the steps, open the seacock, lower the steps, then go up to the panel and turn on the pump. Same thing in reverse to turn it off. I don't like to let the pump run with seacock closed.

It's really a two person job, but I'm often alone or the other person is running the boat, not fiddling with a pump out.

So I'd like to put a switch next to the pump, mounted on either a stringer or a bulkhead. I don't want to just splice a switch into the wire without mounting it. I'm having trouble finding a single switch that can be bulkhead mounted. Plenty of switch panels, but I only need a single switch.

Though it is sort of overkill and expensive for a single switch, I'm considering a small battery switch like this:

The locking key is an added benefit from a legal standpoint but I don't have to have the key as I can zip tie the seacock handle closed.

Any other ideas?


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A single pole single throw push-pull switch is all you need. It only needs a small hole in the bulkhead for mounting. KIS.

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I’d mount a plastic box to the surface and install a toggle switch or key switch in the box.
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Check Amazon. There are several battery switches for less than $20.00. If you do decide on the push/pull switch make sure it is rated for at least 20 amps. That is about where I remember seeing mine peak while pumping overboard.

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Did this not too long ago.

The switch is one of these:

And the mounting bracket is one of these, with an extra hole drilled into it on the longer of the two legs:

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Buy one of the small battery switches such as a BEP mini on/off. They are easy to bulkhead mount. Sure they are way overkill as far as load goes, but that isn't a problem.

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