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Interesting take FF and innovative. The obvious concern is you’re still burning hydrocarbons and releasing green house gases. On a health basis the concern is when dumped plastics eventually become micro particles. Just about every living animal in the world ( including you) is now developing a titer of these micro particles. The science lags considerably on whether they have any biological toxicity. We do know of the persistence of plastics in the bionome. We don’t know the ecological significance.
Found it fascinating how garbage is handled in many Caribbean islands. It’s simply burned. They have a weekly burn day and it stinks. You can smell it 5-10m offshore. In the past waste from eating could be just dropped as you walked along. Dropping fruit peels or bones was of no ecological deleterious impact and degraded rapidly. Plastic bottles, wrappings, and bags don’t. Nor do beer or soda cans. Islands vary but some are quite littered. PAYS and the government of Dominica have an ongoing campaign to change this attitude. The French islands are part of France so are following the European trend to use less plastic in all modes. We are not. There’s fairly meaningless local town mandates concerning plastic bags but with Covid we’ve gone backwards in places as we can’t use our collection of canvas and sailcloth bags. Similarly you see fairly meaningless hits on ciggy butts. Yes they’re aesthetically unpleasant but they’re just cellulose and tobacco so do eventually biodegrade.
We on this site are mariners. Our environment is degraded by plastic. Crossing any part of the Saragasso you transit through mile after mile of plastic and other crap. That’s just the Atlantic. I heard the Pacific is even worse.

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Originally Posted by JohnP View Post
Not sure of the green new deal But the current administration has done something past policy makers have failed at. Making the US energy independent! To go back to the old ways and become dependent on Foreign oil again would be foolish Remember when OPEC controlled the price of oil? A war on fossil fuels could easily drive the cost of diesel to double or triple what it is now. If you think solar, wind, will fill in the gap. I doubt it! The real problem is if people are responsible for climate change, where were the people when the Ice Age killed the dinosaurs? The Earth's natural cycles are less affected by what we do than some folks think. The government can make life hard on folks, some guy driving his 5 thousand dollar car to work can't afford 8. dollar a gallon gas or a new 75k Tesla-- Give us a break I like cheap fuel Rant over.
Just wondering if your'e Island Gypsy has gelcoat on the hull or paint. Mine is painted with Emron and it is difficult keeping it clean and shiny

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I'm always surprised about people complaining about gasoline costs. Everyone agrees that fuel costs are a small percentage of total boating costs.

It's only a dollar a litre or a few bucks a gallon for something that has taken hundreds of millions of years to make. We pay more than that for a bottle of trendy water without complaint.

I'd be ok with higher costs. It might make us rethink how we go about our day to day lives. Does it really make sense to use 2 tons of machinery to go pick up a loaf of bread?

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"The obvious concern is you’re still burning hydrocarbons and releasing green house gases"

True but the folks doing the burning , the power company , will do a far better job than a gallon on gas on a pile of rubbish.

By creating a need , the old plastic trash has a value , so might be an income source and not discarded.

As we are between glacier epochs we might need the co2 , rather than have 2 miles of ice over Chicago .
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A Japanese company has a continuous system of re-refining unsorted plastics into a diesel that burns better and cleaner than normal diesel.
You can find it on Youtube.
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Today at New River marina Snead's Ferry, NC.


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