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Originally Posted by oscar View Post
One does it on sailboats all the time.
And thank goodness sailors have sails! When I was a presenter at TrawlerFest, I noticed many transitioning sailors wanted twin engines for redundancy. If I maintained my engine the way many sailors do, I'd be worried too!

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Is this an LRC or a MY? Your signature lists 70' LRC but I'm not aware Hatt ever made one that size, nor put 12V71TI's in any of them? Curious what the equipment is?

Also, curious...where is the boat now?

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Problems always seem to arise in difficult conditions. How do people and stuff get from a buddy boat to help?
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Took me a while to get over being nervous offshore with out sails, even with twins. []
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Originally Posted by bayview View Post
Took me a while to get over being nervous offshore with out sails, even with twins. []

Perhaps I was young and stupid back then, but I wasn’t nervous the first time I pushed offshore in a powerboat. I absolutely trusted the engines to keep running. They were Jimmies, and except for the noise and lousy fuel efficiency, I still think they are they most dependable engines in their class ever built. By the time my battles through the storms ended the only thing I had wished for was having a single instead of twins.

Oh... and having better acoustic insulation!
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Left Hampton Va with 5 sisterships for BVI north Sound. Same hull, very slight variations in rigging but not SA. We never saw each other the entire trip until 100nm from landfall. It was rare we were in VHF range of each other. Don’t know how much safety you get from a buddy except in coastal settings.
Running one engine means constant rudder input. Every time you steer you increase drag, decrease speed and increase fuel use. May want to see what your SOG and fuel burn is with just one engine. You maybe more efficient using two at lower rpm than one at higher rpm and constant rudder input.
Most modern sailboats are faster with better days work (miles per 24 hours) than power boats of the same size. We counted on 7.2 to 8 knots with a lwl within a foot of a N43. Averaged 170-200nm for a days work. On the transit under consideration if buddy boating with sail ask about those numbers. Given it’s a run or reach with good air he may wish to leave before the sailboat.
Advantage of power on passage is independence from direction of wind and light air. For this trip neither is likely to be operative this time of year. Both types will do a modified great circle. Distance will be about the same.
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If you cannot contact your buddy boat then, you have nor they have no help if needed.
The group can only be as fast as the slowest boat.
The meek will inherit the earth but, the brave will inherit the seas.
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Hi , sounds like a doable passage , how did boat orriginally all cross the Atlantic?
Were Ryan and Sophie going to crew with you? I know they pulled out as the fuel looked too tight for them . But really figuring it out how to make it work is half the fun! Have you considered synthetic oil , designed for longer oil changes and can slightly improve fuel economy . Not normally used in boats because its not the best for cold starts with long down time but continuous running perfect).
Have you owned similiar boats with Detroit’s? It helps to know ‘what your doing’ .
Are you looking at hull fouling and prop tuning to improve economy ? 1% here 1/2% there will make a big difference on a long passage .
Good luck warren

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