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Once you finished tucking all the strands in eye splicing I have tapered the irish pennants melted them and quickly roll the splice with your shoe sole and a piece of scrap plywood. This fuses the irish pennants into the splice and dresses up the splice.
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Been a long time , but I think with Capt Hornblower it was ,

Worm, parcel and serve - Wikipedia,_parcel_and_serve

As with worming, parcelling is applied in the same direction as the twist of the line being covered. The rule is "worm and parcel with the lay; turn and serve the other way". When parcelling is used on modern small craft, friction tape or cotton athletic tape can be used for the purpose. On rare occasions, when parcelling is not ...‎Technique ∑ ‎Worming ∑ ‎Parcelling ∑ ‎Serving
,Parcel an serve with the lay
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I just tape the ends and melt them. Nobody looks at the ends of my lines. Nobody who would be impressed anyhow. Most of my lines have whatever end treatment the manufacturer put on them.

I put heat shrink on the ends of my dock lines. One piece on the regular ones and two on the longer one. Different colors would be nice but black is available at the home center, red is not.
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While I do know how to whip the ends, I prefer to use a hot knife to cut the line and then melt it around the last 1/4Ē or so of the end. I use the hot knife to smooth around the end. It helps lock the strands together and removes any sharp places. Then I use heavy duty adhesive lined heat shrink to further secure the end. I have not had any problems doing it this way.
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Originally Posted by Gabe n Em View Post
That's why! ! I've had mixed success with putting eyes in braid and couldn't figure it out. This was a very helpful comment!

Creating eye splices in old braid is really, really hard. It is fine for some practice when you donít care about how pretty the end result is and then you will find splicing new braid relatively easy.

Iíve done it a lot, but while I can splice 3-strand without a thought, splicing double braid always takes some thought and using some instructions. I have never done it enough days and weeks in a row to get it ingrained.

SPOT page
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