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Tools aboard

I'm contemplating what tools to bring to our new to us boat. We'll be living aboard so space does enter the equation. I'm wondering who carries a Skilsaw. I can think of things I would use it for but also think a multi-tool and Sawzall might do the trick, and then some.

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The only power saw I carry onboard is an 18V jigsaw, but if I was living aboard I would love something like this concept. The quality seems a bit 2nd rate on this one, but the idea is great.

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My tool box will include all the normal standard/metric/adjustable wrenches, sockets, ratchets, screwdrivers, pliers, vise-grips, box of various electrical connectors, etc. that one would expect to have in a well stocked tool box plus it will have a Sawzall, several multi-tools, torque wrenches, multiple cordless drills/drivers, headlamps, a couple of disc grinders with various grinding and cutting disc, a Lincoln 175 plus MIG welder along with a Salirite LSZ-1 sewing machine, and this is just a small sampling of all the goodies I'll have in my box.

Going off topic ever so slightly... Below is a link to a West Marine site that provides an extensive list of things you might need/want to outfit your future boat (including tools):
Diesel Duck
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Originally Posted by AusCan View Post
I love this concept, even though the quality seems a bit 2nd rate.

Wow! Sure, none it comes close to matching the equipment I have at home, but then my tablesaw weighs 300 lbs too. That is so cool!
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I just have the basics.

Complete 1/4", 3/8" and 1/2" socket sets in both SAE and metric. 1/2" and 3/8" drive torque wrenches. Combination wrenches in SAE and metric from 1/4" (5mm) to 1-1/4" (30mm), straight, phillips robertson and torx screw drivers in 3 sizes each, 3 vice grips, regular and channel lock pliers, 16 oz claw hammer, 4 lb hammer, ball peen hammer, plastic faced mallet, a variety of clamps, feeler gauges, calipers, 1" micrometer, diagonal wire cutters (small and 6"), crimping/stripping toon, DVM, strap wrenches for changing oil and fuel filters, 6", 10" and 12" adjustable wrenches, tape measures (25' and 50'), complete set of allen wrenches, 18V 1/2" drill, 18V driver and several hand saws. I also have english and metric drill indexes, a selection of taps and dies with handles and a bunch of other small stuff. I keep a selection of stainless and bronze screws, machine screws and bolts on board too.
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Here's a link to earlier discussions...

Trawler Forum - Search Results
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I think FLyWright beat me to it. but still

As for power tools I leave them at home with a few exceptions as my boat is small enough that storage is really at a premium. I do drag my 18V drill and my good meters aboard when travelling fro more than the weekend.

You comment about the multitool and a sawzawl [ or a mini battery type Skil saw] may be valid but you might also CONSIDER leaving those alone UNTILL you find the situation where they are actually needed. Do your research and questioning to determine which you prefer or you may find what you think will be needed and what are actually needed are two different things.

There are so many small, battery operated handtools available now the choice is almost boggling and you can do amazing work with them and some attention. The only thing you will need is a means of recharging them effectivley.

When you do buy tools buy decent quality, not cheapie, as those tools often can cause more trouble than you realize when they monkey the very part you need to undo/remove. You don't need Snap On either unless you simply want those. I like S.O. Lots of good tools out there without the pricey stuff.

I changed to plastic tool boxes years ago as the only place I can store things is in the engine compartment and there was enough moisture to rust the metal boxes. I ruined two nice boxes so won't do that again. I periodially spray the boxes, while open, with WD-40 or the like.
If you are lucky enough to have GOOD space for a real chest great but then pay attention to mounting and keeping those drawers/doors securely shut.

For electrical crimpers, didn't cover it before, I use many but the Ideal Crimpmaster series are good units that will not cost a bomb [expensive enough] but do an excellent job. Do not go cheapie here as your electrical work really depends upon good work.

I'll say it again. Do not be in a rush to buy all now.

And ask about specific item when you have questions.
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All I carry now are 3-3D printers. One that prints out metal parts and tools, one that prints out fiberglass, plastic, rubber, parts/gaskets/seals etc. and one that prints out wood pieces and products.

Oh, and I still carry duct tape. It's faster than printing it out.
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Click image for larger version

Name:	ImageUploadedByTrawler Forum1441485099.189149.jpg
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ID:	44173

Duct tape and WD-40 pretty much cover everything else.

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Regarding the original question...

I do not keep a skill saw onboard simply because I do not need one very often, only when adding a major component that requires a back plate.

What I do carry in its place is a 1/2 " drill and a good variety of hole saws. I also carry one of those rockwell type vibratory saws.
Kevin Sanders
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Originally Posted by ksanders View Post
...I do not keep a skill saw onboard simply because I do not need one very often....
Same here. While full time cruising, if we ever needed a skill saw, we were able to find someone land based with a radial arm or a table saw. IMHO, if you need a skill saw or sawzall while you're out, It may be time to think about the project and do it at the dock.

We do carry a saber saw, a 3/8 and 1/2" drill plus a nock off Fein tool and other tools of destruction.
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I found a Makita kit of 18V battery powered tools and got my kids to give it to me for xmas. It included a small circular saw, drill, sawsall, impact drill, and grinder/cutoff tool. I have since added a multi-tool. It's worth it's weight in gold, and I have used every tool over the past year. All told it was under $500. If you ever need to let an anchor chain go in an emergency, a cutoff wheel does wonders.
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Thanks for answering the original question Larry and ksanders. I'll put the skill saw in the 'sell everything' pile. Whew! We're getting closer all the time.
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Screwdrivers and needle-nosed plyers are the most common tools I've used. And I've got a hemmer but haven't had the need to beat something to #####, yet,
Kar-KEEN-ez Koot
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Originally Posted by goboatnow View Post
Thanks for answering the original question Larry and ksanders. ..............
You're welcome!
Diesel Duck
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My trouble is that I've got a lot of tools, and I haven't found one that I haven't used on my boat. I think a "stand-up" tool room (in addition to the stand-up engine room) may be necessary.

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Re: Post #14. "...I've got a hemmer..." I think this should be posted in the canvas sewing thread...Should it not?
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Up until last year quite often when I needed a tool at home I realized I had left it on the boat. Additionally quite often I needed a tool on the boat I realized that I left it at home.

So I bought a house where I could keep my boat at the bottom of the back garden. Problem solved.

Though I think buying a complete second set of tools may have been less expensive!
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Well it seems I keep adding tools my boat has both metric and standard bolts so I have sockets and wrenches of both.

I have always been the type to have to many tools but on the boat I do not have a tool I have not used

power tools heat gun, cordless drill, cordless impact driver, cordless vibratory cutter , cordless skill saw and saber saw

actually I think I will go buy a dremel tomorrow now that i think about it
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I have the Dremmel as of Christmas '14 and love it! I've always had air tools- side grinders, die grinders, etc- and this tool is the very capable little sister of the big boys. Cut wheels, small cup brushes, tapered stones and carbide bits are all available and useful. Just wish I had sprung for cordless.

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