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"just use a flat faced Forstner bit to drill the plugs out"

What does hitting the screw do to the center cutting portion of the Forstner drill bit?
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Originally Posted by meridian View Post
While replacing some popped bungs, I've found some screws that have the slots 'bunged' up. Can't screw them in or out.

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What exactly do you mean by that? If the slots are full of whatever, you can use a small pick ( I used an eyeglass screwdriver ) to clear them out. PIA, but doable. For spinners, I cleared out the slots and used a drop of superglue to glue a bit into the slots. Then I could apply slight upward force while backing off the screw. If the slots are totally shot, use, drill off the head and use a hollow extractor for the shank. And yeah, I agree with the drill out the screw hole, drill your bung hole deeper with a countersink or Forstner bit, fill with thickened epoxy and then the bung. Of course if I owned a Hinckley, it would be different. But a 30 year old Taiwan trawler with 8,000 hrs.........
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Originally Posted by FF View Post
"just use a flat faced Forstner bit to drill the plugs out"

What does hitting the screw do to the center cutting portion of the Forstner drill bit?
After a while it dulls it. But I've sharpened it with a file.

One trick to keeping the bit sharp is as soon as you feel it hit the screw stop drilling.

It's not necessarily the best method for removing a hundred screws. But it does work well and leaves a clean hole. It also works well to drill out an existing plug and make an oversize hole if need be by using a larger size bit.
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Well, that about covers it. I just did my own veranda deck and had to use nearly every method mentioned above to remove about a hundred screws with missing bungs. About a dozen wouldn't back out but the reverse drill extractors allowed a small degree of up- force to remove. If I could get the screw head just above the hole, I grabbed it with channel locks. There were a few that left gouges in the teak which I filled with epoxy, thickened with wood dust other than teak (teak is too dark). Only twice did I need a larger issue really, and like was mentioned above, age will hide. My deck is not perfect, the bungs are all shades of wood, and I think it looks better and more natural that way.
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I use an electricians screw driver. The flat blade is split so the blade will becomes wider and grasps the screw. We can buy at most electrical strores commrrcial stores. North coast electronic in Puget sound area. Does not damage the deck.
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