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Source for Green/Red canvas snaps?

When we had some window covers made for our EB47 they came with red and green canvas snaps. This to help figure out the proper side when putting them on. Worked well, but some of them either weren't attached very well or were just crap fasteners. I'm leaning toward the latter as all the rest of them have stayed attached.

I'd like to get some replacements, but sailrite and a few other places I've checked online don't seem to have green or red.

Anyone have a go-to supplier for both red and green caps that fit onto 3/8" DOT snap studs? There must be someone that makes these, as the rest of the caps are beige to match the window cover material.

I'd prefer to get decent quality ones, I don't need cheap metal ones rusting out and causing stains.
-- Bill Kearney
2005 Eastbay 47 FB - Solstice
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I have not found green or red just yet. I had the same issue on the last egg. It had red snaps. A few were not set well. So I pulled them all and went with black.
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TF Site Team
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Just a guess by wondering if the more common colored snaps are brass vs SS.
Ive had the best service from SS snap fasteners.

I did a quick look and had some success...
this eBay source has oth Red & Teal Green

I haven't seen this sort of color coding done before but it is interesting. Are all snaps either red or green or is it only a key location... e.g. top R corner of each panel?

[EDIT] Here is another possibility - nickel/brass vs SS but good color selection.
2008 MS 34 HT Trawler
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I had not thought of color coded snaps when I had eleven different window covers to deal with. I did number them on the inside seam with a magic marker. Zero was the centerline windshield cover; one was the stbd side windshield; two was the port windshield; and all others were numbered odd to stbd and even to port running aft. Normally, I pulled and replaced them in physical sequence, but if I pulled number five out of a stack of covers, I knew it was the second cabin side window aft on the stbd side.
Rich Gano
FROLIC (2005 MainShip 30 Pilot II)
Panama City area
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We put a small triangle of red or green fabric on the inside corner seam of each window cover to signify the side it belongs to. Has worked well and lasts the life of the canvas

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When we bought our current boat it was in storage and all the canvas was in a box. Nothing was marked and it was like a giant jigsaw puzzle putting it up. I will mark everything before I take it down again. Love the colored snaps, never heard of that before but it's a great idea. Wonder if they were just painted? Would be real easy to do.
And yes if the snaps aren't set just right or you stress them too much unsnapping they'll pull out. I made all the canvas on all my previous boats and always had trouble with that. I carry a stock of spare snaps and the setting tool and replace them as they pull out.
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TF Site Team
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The key to stop them from pulling out is to keep the snaps lubricated. Then they come off without having to pull like crazy.
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TF Site Team
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You might be able to use a paint pen to color the snaps. You may have to periodically reapply, but toss the red and green paint pen in your toolbox, and it would last for years.
Vessel Name: Muirgen
Vessel Model: 50' Beebe Passagemaker
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