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Well, coming from someone who has never pulled a boat out of the water for the winter, but I have observed some issues with others winterizing and storing.

If I didn't have experience I would have the marina do the entire job including shrink wrap. Knowledge, expertise, accountability. I've seen marinas that wrapped many boats with no problems and I've seen boats wrapped by individuals that would have been much better off left open. Plus I'd want a marina or yard that did regularly check their work.
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After discussing this on TF last year I decided to shrink wrap our boat located near Deal MD. The boat was clean in the spring which is nice but the additional interrnal heat expanded the full fuel tanks and some fuel vented out. The marina charged me for the clean up.
Tampa Bay
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In the mid Atlantic you spend two years fixing all the things ruined by each year of not shrink-wrapping.
It started at $300 and is now around $750. It is still worth it for a teak heavy Taiwanese trawler. Especially one with it's original teak decks.
Al Johnson
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Been shrink wrapping my boats for 25 years, all three were painted hulls. I've never had any damage from the wrap. This year it cost me $120 for the wrap and $30 to rent the propane gun.

PS. Those costs are in Canadian dollarettes.
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Old 01-10-2016, 06:53 PM   #25
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I just ordered a custom cover made of treated polyester for next winter. Just over $US2,000 with frame.
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Last year I bought enough shrink for two seasons and borrowed a heat gun so that I could do it myself. A friend and I did it ourselves but it was a pain. The gun didn't have a long extension on it but it came out OK for the first time and it lasted the winter just fine, not pretty but effective.
This year work is getting in the way and I haven't done it yet. It's ready but it has been very mild so far. I do have a few window leaks and I would rather wrap it. The boat is on stands behind my warehouse so I can check it everyday. If you're in a boatyard, they may not allow you to DIY because of the danger of fire.
The later in the season it gets, the more I DON'T want to waste the shrink on it. It seams a waste to use it and then throw it away in April.
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Real men don't shrink
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I have a custom cover, made for an Ocean Alex 52, that I bought a couple of years ago, thinking I would give up my shelter in Vancouver and moor year round at Saltspring Island. I couldn't pull the trigger on the shelter, so the cover sits unused in my basement. I fitted it to my boat, and it worked OK. My 44 with the 12' Caribe on the back end is just over 50, so there wasn't much baggy material and with strap adjustments and longer poles it fit OK. It is in excellent condition, made by Lohman, the Nanaimo guy who seems to have the entire canvas cover market in this part of the world.

I paid about 1/2 of new price for it. New they are just over $100 / ft of overall length, so $5200 new.

Moderators: If you want to move this to the classifieds, go ahead. I post it here as guys who don't know they are considering getting a cover are likely to read it here.
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I do a half wrap in water. Because I'm a liveaboard it's easy enough to just shovel snow off if need be and then you don't have to worry much about the extra weight or melt. Although if there are any kinds of leaks or cracks on the decks these must be taken care of before winter if you do a half wrap. Water will get in, freeze, and expand the cracks.
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