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Seagold by Pettit

I saw an ad for this new, to me anyway, Pettit Seagold. A varnish like water based wood coating. They claim one can apply multiple coats in a day.
Has anyone here tried it? care to share results good or bad.
Steve W.
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Not much information out for might have better luck contacting Pettit directly.
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Pettit is good brand an the following is not anti-Pettit.

Sounds like System Three varnish. I tried that seeking a harder coating for our cap rails as while getting aboard we often skuff our shoes on the cap rail varnish. Too thin and peeled of prematurely. The build or thickness of the coating is very thin so many coats could be no more than w one coat of traditional varnish.

We tried several different clear coatings from oil to the water based Three Systems and eventially decided the traditional oil based varnish was best. I believe Epaphanes is harder but we like the high oil (Spar) varnish by McCloskey. Flexability at the wood joints on a cap rail is very important to not crack and allow water to get under the coating and go black w mould. The high oil varnish is most flexable. We just recoated our cap rail and it looks wonderful. Really nice to touch too.

North Western Washington State USA
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Bump.......has anyone used Sea Gold and how is it holding up?
MV RochePoint
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I have never found water based coatings to be worth a damn. Water based house paint isn't as good as oil, etc., but the EPA likes it. Water based varnishes I've tried all turn color, usually yellow. They have to be done every year, just like varnish and have to be stripped to bare wood more often.
I had a yard, did all sorts of jobs, varnish was a small part. Usually done on fancy commercial boats and see hard use. On bare wood, a couple coats of West System resin with clear hardener and about 3 coats of a varnish or varnish like UV coating can last 2-3 years with touch up if needed in damage or wear spots. An then it just needs a sanding and a couple new coats. You get the 12 coat deep look w/o 12 coats.
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City: Concrete Washington State
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There are 5 or 6 major brands of varnish and they are all just about the same. I have a favorite and most here have a favorite but I don't think there is enough difference to worry one twit abour what one you use.

A difference that may be worth looking at is their balance of resin and oil. I prefer a high oil varnish and use McKloskie's Spar varnish. It's softer and more flexable. The soft has been a slight problem in the past and we tried a harder product. The flexability is very important when varnishing where there's joints like on a cap rail. Boats flex and at joints will fail (crack) and let water in and under the varnish film and the wood. Visual and structural damage results. Didn't like it and went back to the favorite high oil product.

Another difference is UV inhibitor. If you live in the very sunny south that should be a high priority but in the PNW or Maine not so much.

But the actual quality of the product dosn't vary enough to be concerned. Just my opinion though. The next poster could say something else.

Probably where you buy your finishes the sales person won't know high oil from no oil ect. May take some research or/and experience.

Didn't know "Sea Gold" was/is not an oil based product. Sorry. But I can add that the product I didn't like was System Three water based "varnish". Had very little build, was a very thin film and didn't last long at all. However I was exposing it to SE Alaska weather.

North Western Washington State USA
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