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Raritan ice maker not making ice

My Raitan ice maker is running and very cold but not making ice. I checked the water supply and have water to the electronic valve. I thought the valve may be bad so I changed it with a new one, put still no ice. Any ideas what may be wrong? Thanks

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Model number may help.
More info would be needed to help you.
Is water filling the cube tray?
Is it getting cold enough to freeze?

My U-Line is most likely similar....
Many items could be wrong;
"Clock motor" that turns the cube ejector and turns on the fill valve could be bad
switch that the cam from the clock motor hits to trigger the fill valve could be bad
Compressor lost it's charge

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Call Raritan tech support: 800-352-5630

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We just removed ours from the boat, because of the same problem. The circuit board had crapped out again and the repair bill was gonna be over $600. So instead the Admiral just got a new pantry.
Best of luck.
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Our Raritan ice maker has not worked correctly since we bought the boat. It makes ice but unless you jiggle the arm it won’t dump the ice. Our solution was to drink without ice. Not the best but the ice maker only works at the dock on shore power anyway and I don’t want to run the generator just to have ice when we are underway. At some point I will install an inverter but until then the icemaker is a very low priority.
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We have two ULines. One in the boat and one "fixed" and ready to go after its last hiccup. Usually the electric connections and or switches just need a good cleaning or replacement.

The non working one that we just removed will get an entire new internal unit this fall. Generally they are just shoddily designed and assembled with cheap non moisture proof parts inside the freezer unit.

Honestly, an ice cube tray in the the main freezer is the ultimate backup.

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