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Outer reef water seep from missing keel bolt

Hey yall Ive been working on this project boat 26' outer reef. I pulled the motor apart and what was once dead lives again. While replacing the packing I thought it be a good time to clean out the junk in the keel. There was layers of sediment almost rock like. I was chipping away uncovering fishing weights fossilized in this crap I noticed a bolt in the bottom and next to it was a filled hole missing a bolt. It was seeping water and ofcourse i messed with it and the seeping increased. also i noticed that was not the only place water was coming in. The rear most part of the keel under the shaft as its exiting is leaking water. I could not get a good look at it. I am pulling it out of the water in a few weeks but im kicking my self right now for removing all that crap cause it was sealing the leaks. anyone have any idea of whats going on.

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Yup- you have a leak

I know my answer isn't much help, but it's the obvious one. Since you bought the boat used, anything could be the answer- most likely a previous owner's doing.

Peter- Marine Insurance Guru & tuna fishing addict!

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The previous owner probably was a Welshman...
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The bolt thing should be an easy fix. Put a bolt back in and seal it with some below the waterline sealant. I am sure that others will chime in with better fixes but that is what i would do.
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I would be concerned if you have a bolted on keel attached to your underwater gear that may come loose and fall away. It could cause other damage and leave you with a line of empty holes all leaking water.
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I wasn't thinking of a bolted on keel, stupidy, because I have one.

When the boat is out you need to carefully examine where this missing bolt was and the other leakers.
Where are they?
Are they holding a bolted on keel? Or are they holding something like the shaft strut or rudder bearing /stuffing box?
If the parts being held are bronze and the bolts are SS then maybe the missing bolt and the leakers are corroding. SS & bronze in seawater is not good with the bolts on the losing end. The bolts should be silicon bronze.

To reseal you will have to remove and rebed the bolts. Maybe what was used before was a poor for underwater use caulk that is not resistant to oil. The area and the bolts being sealed must be clean and maybe that wasn't done properly so the caulk just sat there not adhering.

A bit more info and some photos might get more help.
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I'm a little late for the party but I have an '83 Outer Reef 26. It's outside covered up on the trailer. I'll be right back......................

You may have your issue resolved by now but I see a flange on the back of the keel through which the prop shaft passes. Two bolts, one on top, one on bottom.

Bolts through the bottom of the keel , ahead of the packing glad, hold the bottom rudder support arm.

If your avatar is the model you have, mine is different. Mine is the "tug" with cabin, dinette, head, etc..

I have some original brochures, and stuff, including the original electric schematic for my model. If I can be of any help..........

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Hi Eeber. I am rebuilding a Outer Reef 26 in Safety Harbor Fl (hull #11). It was a total loss hurricane damaged boat from Galveston Tx. in the early 2000's I would be very interested in getting a copy of some of the brochures you mentioned. I have spoken to the retired builder but he doesn't have any literature.

I have a full photo of the project on Google + (plus). I can send a link
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Received and replied to PM.


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