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"I guess a lot of this speaks to having a good relationship with your dealer."

Easy with a farm tractor , but hard to do for a cruising boat.

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4045TFM dying

Hi there, I'a the lead mechanic for a large tug boat operation. We have John Deere 6068TFM engines for alot of our gen sets. We have chased this problem for several years with the injection pump control valve error and engine randomly dying. We have done ECM's and injection pumps over and over. Finally found a fix which is the two control wires in the ECM connector wear out or get dirty after hours and hours of running. These wires cannot carry enough current to operate the injection pump control solenoid. The repair is either a new wiring harness which is very expensive or take the two pins out of the connector clip them off and re crimp new sockets on the wires. These are Delphi socket part# 12103881. You could probably get the John deere guy to get his pin kit out and do that. I will attach a wiring schematic of the ECM and ECM plug connector. The injector control solenoid wires are K2 and A3 in the connector. Hope this helps as it drove me and my department nuts for a couple years. JD6068electrical.pdf


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Cool 4045TFM dying

one more thing I forgot to mention. On a few of our gen sets the A3 wire did not match the ECM connector schematic for placement. I always checked the wires with an OHM meter to the two pin connector at the injection pump to make sure I have the correct two wires in the ECM connector. Happy wrenching

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