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City: Fort Myers beach
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Vessel Name: Universal
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Metal plumbing

I would like to know if anyone has knowledge of metal plumbing. My boat is a 1978 Universal Litton 36. The plumbing from the raw water intake Is metal (which has a flexible hose to the water pump) All of the waste plumbing is metal plumbing. I have to replace the black water tank and was thinking of replacing these pipes with hose and some kind of Y valve for overboard or storage tank. Most of the pipes have to be removed to get the tank out. Any thoughts would be greatly welcomed.��

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The raw water metal piping, is it copper pipe ?

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I would suggest getting rid of all the metal (whatever type) piping in the raw water circuit and replace it with PVC pipe and/or flexible raw water hose. Copper/steel/aluminum will eventually corrode out and you'll have a mess.
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We had a previous boat that had copper plumbing. I replaced it all with Sea Tek pex plumbing. Was very worthwhile, better flow due to larger tube ID. Also much easier to work on.

As to the metal sewage plumbing, what a bad idea. I would replace it with Raritan SaniFlex hose. It is extremely flexible and doesnít permeate easily. Then the holding tank should be plastic. Ronko makes a heavy wall tank that are a very good quality. They have hundreds of standard sizes and will put the fittings where you specify. Great product. No affiliation.
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Metal plumbing , copper tubing , works great on the fresh water systems.

5/8 soft refrigeration tubing with flair fitting scan be repaired most anywhere , and is probable safer to drink from after water is sitting for weeks .

Rubber and plastic today do better with sea water or waste water.
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