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Inflatable Cleaning

Looking for recommendations for cleaning an RIB, both tubes and hull. Looking through the archives I did not find much recent information and wanted to check for any recommendations.

So far looking at:

Spray 9
Orange Off Inflatable Boat Cleaner from Inflatable Boat Parts.

Spray 9 seems to have good past reviews, does anyone have direct experience with the other two?



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I had decent luck on our Hypalon RIB with the West Marine cleaner labeled for that purpose.

Spray 9 was what worked best on our (vinyl?) Taylor-Made fenders, out of about 15 other choices...

Neither are magic; there's still some elbow grease involved.


South River, Chesapeake Bay
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Star Brite RIB Inflatable Cleaner Boat Cleaner/Protectant worked great cleaning diesel soot off our Zodiac YL340. It worked well on both the tubes and fiberglass hull, turned the tubes white again.
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I try to start with the least aggressive cleaner that will get the job done, and keep moving up until it is clean. Usually that scale goes something like this: 1. Boat Soap and water 2. Commercial RIB cleaner (starbrite or WM) 3. Mild bleach/boat soap solution 4. Roll Off (good on diesel soot) 5. Comet and a green 3M scrubbie 6. Strong bleach solution.
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By far the best thing we have found is Awesome spray cleaner from dollar general store I think it is $7 for a jug about 1/2 gallon. wipe it on let it sit for a minute then rub with a sponge and spray off
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Nautical Ease Inflatiable Boat Cleaner

The only thing I have ever seen clean hypalon better was M.E.K. (My last choice in cleaning)
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When I was installing Weaver davit pads on my Hypalon inflatable, The Inflatable store I bought the glue from recommended wiping the area to be glued with Toluene.
subsequently tried it to clean the Hypalon, after using most of the other products suggested here. Toluene is strong, but not harmful to Hypalon. It is harmful to everything that sticks to Hypalon, so does a very good cleanup. I use nothing else.
Then spray on some 303, "SPF for your toys"
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For the Canadians here, I use Captain Phab Inflatable boat and vinyl cleaner. Spray on, wait one minute and scrub with a soft brush, then rinse. It cleans really well and leaves a shiny coating that beads water.
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Our hypalon caribe RIB managed to get filled with oak leaves and water, despite a cover and being under a carport. We just could not get the stains out, tried everything including tolulene -nothing touched the stains in the fabric. Finally on a whim made a paste of oxiclean and simple green and left it on all the stains, rewetting with simple green occasionally. After a few days and amazingly the stains were gone. So if all else fails there is an idea for you
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I use On and Off Hull and Bottom cleaner on the fiberglass bottom for the stains but only boat soap for the tubes.
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Scrubbing bubbles bathroom cleaner has worked pretty well for me.
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I used WM rib cleaner with a Magic Eraser and had great results. All chalk gone.

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